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I have read or viewed several articles recently on the ongoing discussion of “peaceful Muslims” versus “radical Islamists”, invariably making the point that, while the latter are to be feared, the former are not. This includes the recent lame-stream media thrashing of presidential candidate Herman Cain for saying publicly that he would subject Muslim candidates for office within a Cain administration to more vetting that non-Muslims. If I understand Mr. Cain correctly, his point was the he wanted to be sure any Muslim appointee would put adherence to our Constitution ahead of their adherence to the demands of Islam.

Please understand that I am not in the business of Muslim bashing. Instead, I am, at heart, a live and let live Libertarian.

However, might there be some legitimacy in Mr. Cain’s concern and in the concerns being voiced by many other reasonable people who are somewhat alarmed at the very significant inroads Muslims are making in most Western nations, including the United States?

I submit that there is a reasonable basis for such concern. First, consider the fact that in many Western nations, especially the United States, there is an established tradition, supported by our very Constitution, for the separation of church and state However, there is no such tradition in the Muslim faith – in fact, the very opposite is true. In most Muslim-dominated nations, Islam and the state are one and the same. Indeed, some of the few remaining secular Muslim republics are seeing their governments become less secular by the day – Turkey being but one example, Egypt soon to be another.

This is not due to some simple historical coincidence. Central to the Muslim faith is the requirement that, in any nation or culture in which it gains a foothold, Islam MUST become predominant. In the beginning, when Islam has small numbers, ergo limited power, it will try to appear intent on peaceful coexistence with existing norms. But, as its numbers and its power increase, it will become correspondingly less tolerant of non-Muslim ways and ever more insistent on the transition to Muslim rules and to Sharia law. One can easily see this happening this very day in both France and the United Kingdom.

Given this, I think it most reasonable for Americans to say to the Muslim world: “If you want to come here and be an American, respecting our laws, our culture and our traditions, then we welcome you here. However, if you come here with the intention of imposing alien laws, an alien culture and alien traditions on us, whether by terrorism or by less violent means, then we prefer that you not come.”

I see this stance as patriotic, not as bigoted.

For any who, despite my reasoned argument, still find my position to be bigoted, I ask that you respond, not to explain my bigotry, but rather with a list of the Muslim-dominated nations you are willing to live in – and why.

Troy L Robinson

2 Responses to “Peaceful Muslims”

  • jim steel says:

    Sir: I heartily agree that the politicians must not be of dual interest categories! NOW the same follows with the ass kissing APAC interests of key cabinet members and appointed fed officials and including congressmen.[Dual Citizens] Israel has proven that it is also not our friend with it’s treachery and bribery with our own money. What does this indicate???? A government is a government the world round……..all politicians are bought to some extent or they wouldn’t be allowed into the political playpen.

  • Troy says:

    While I find nothing specific to disagree with in your comments, I also am unsure what point you are trying to make — other than politicians being for sale, which is hardly news. Nevertheless, thanks for responding.


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