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The big news lately (putting the Casey Anthony circus aside) is the thing we are involved in in Libya. What I have “learned” from radio, TV and the Internet includes the following, all based on statements made by various members of the Obama administration:

→ Despite having all the requisite features of a war (shooting, bombing, etc.), this is not a war.

→ The United States military is actively dropping bombs in Libya.

→ There are no “boots” on the ground.

→ We are not taking sides in this war that is not a war – our only mission is to aid the people of Libya.

→ We may not even want to be there and are certainly not responsible for whatever is going on – NATO is calling all the shots (as it were). Heck, we would not even be there if NATO had not demanded our participation.

Taken all together (or, one by one), these statements simply do not make any rational sense.

For instance, when another entity drops bombs on the United States (or otherwise causes things to blow up), we damn well consider it an act of war. This raises question #1: How can a war not be a war?

We are obviously dropping bombs yet we are not taking sides. This raises question #2: How can our military possibly know who or what to drop its bombs on? And also question #3: How can anyone possibly be “aided” by having their property and themselves blown to bits?

There are not “boots” on the ground. This raises question #4: Who is directing the bombing and assessing its effectiveness? Perhaps we have people on the ground wearing “shoes”?

Since its inception, the United States has directed NATO, not the other way around. This raises question #5: Can’t an administration with access to all the talent in the United States come up with better excuses than these?

Last but not least, Casey killed the kid. The simple truth is that the poor child was “cramping her style” and had to be gotten out of the way so that this airhead could “enjoy” her pointless life without the bother of a child. What else should we expect from a society with no standards and no values?

Troy L Robinson

2 Responses to “The Vexing Questions Of The Day”

  • Thank Zeus for TIVO. I rarely watch the news in realtime anymore. Even when just watching FOX during daytime programing, I back it up to the begining of the 90 min. buffer for the pause function. That way I can not only fast forward through the commercials, but through the Anthony trial segments, etc. By the time I catch up to realtime, it is time for a nap anyway. I lost any interest in that story three years ago.

    Clearly, the Obamessiah already thinks of himself as our dictator and unrestrained by our Constitution or inconvenient legislation designed to limit his power in any way. His real power rests in the free ride he gets from the aforementioned fawning press corps. Even FOX News will not challenge his Marxist roots or the fact that he was born a British subject and thus, by definition, is not a natural born citizen. The government we grew up with no longer exists, Troy.

    To me, the best news of the week was the resignation of Anthony Weiner, the most irritating fool in Congress. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving little prick. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      There is a rumor that ex congressfool Weiner is planning a presidential run with attorney general Holder as his running mate. I leave it to your active imagination to figure out what the ticket will be called.

      Seriously, when things like the Weiner roast occur, there are always those who question whether a member of Congress (or other government official) should be held to a higher standard than plain old folks. This always stuck me as a stupid question. For instance, the effect of my decisions barely extends beyond my own self (assuming I continue to not wreak havoc on others) while the decisions of a member of Congress can determine the way we all live our lives and whether we do so in liberty and prosperity or the reverse. By what logic should they NOT be held to a much higher standard, most especially when it comes to the truth of what they tell their constituents? For my part, I think the penalty for knowingly lying to the people should carry a much higher penalty than mere loss of office. At the very least, they should forfeit all post-employment benefits and be forbidden from ever again holding any public office, elected or appointed.


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