PostHeaderIcon G-8: $40B sought to help fund Arab Spring

The following was excerpted from an article in the Washington Times, dated Friday, May 27, 2011:

“DEAUVILLE, France — Rich countries and international lenders are aiming to provide $40 billion in funding for Arab nations trying to establish true democracies, officials said at a Group of Eight summit Friday.

Officials didn’t fully detail the sources of the money, or how it would be used, but the thrust was clearly to underpin democracy in Egypt and Tunisia — where huge public uprisings ousted autocratic regimes this year — and put pressure on repressive rulers in Syria and Libya.
The overall message from President Barack Obama and the other G-8 leaders meeting in this Normandy resort appeared to be warning autocratic regimes in the Arab world that they will be shut out of rich-country aid and investment, while new democracies are encouraged to open their economies.

On war-torn Libya, European leaders sought to wield carrot and stick. French President Nicolas Sarkozy insisted NATO was ratcheting up military pressure against Moammar Gadhafi’s embattled regime, just as British Prime Minister David Cameron said Libya could get a cut of aid — if Gadhafi goes.
“This support will initially be available to Egypt and Tunisia, but will ultimately be there for any country that embraces the path to democracy and reform — and of course that could include, for example, Libya,” he said.”

I am definitely pro-liberty for all the peoples of the world but this particular nonsense borders on insanity. Consider just a few of the problems with such a plan:

→ The so-called “Rich countries” in question are all drowning in debt and most are in the midst of a severe recession. In a word, they lack the money to run their own governments and to ensure their own freedom. By what logic can they take money that none of them have and offer it to others, whatever their cause?

→ The basic motivation for this insanity is that some Arab nations are “ trying to establish true democracies”. Excuse me but this is a lie, but would be just as bad if it were true. First, no Arab nation has the culture or the traditions necessary to promote self-government by their citizens. It will take decades of change to create the basis for self-government; change that will never happen so long as those countries remain Muslim. Second, “true democracy” is not self-government, it is a form of mob rule. They seem to have enough of that already – without any money from us.

→ There is credible evidence that at least some of these “freedom movements” are actually fronts for the various Islamist groups – like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, or whatever else they are calling themselves today. Given their bloody history, how could government in the hands of new thugs be considered more desirable than government in the hands of the current thugs? To paraphrase an old Wendy’s commercial: thugs is thugs.

→ The Arab world, including some of the nations targeted for handouts, already siphons off a large percentage of the world’s wealth through the sale of oil. It is true that the wealth in question is concentrated in the hands of the few, but this does not justify the inflow of money from indebted “rich nations” to an Arab world that is truly rich, whether or not it knows how to manage its wealth.

The real problem in the Arab world is that it is voluntarily trapped in a stone age culture.

History tells us that this region contains the very cradle of modern civilization. It also tells us that some of the cultures in the region were among the most scientifically advanced and the best educated in the world at one time. Then they allowed themselves to be consumed by a “religion”, invented by a person who would be considered a psychotic monster in the modern world. This religion discouraged their education and their scientific prowess until both virtually died away, reducing the people to a semi-civilized existence, where women are reduced to the status of livestock, where the remaining sources of “education” too often teach hatred and intolerance, and where feudalistic war replaced cooperation and trade.

The Obamanation has been trying to show the world the many great contributions of Islam. I suspect their main contribution has been to turn out the light of reason in a number of once-enlightened cultures. In other words, I think these cultures became what they once were BEFORE Islam, not because of it. Yes, some of them were still advanced cultures after the adoption of Islam. But, as the roots of Islam grew deeper and deeper in these cultures, it literally sucked the enlightenment out of them.

Only the international financial cartel could come up with a scheme as insane as that proposed by the G-8. This is not about promoting self government. It is just another effort to promote the new world order. A new world order in which a few “shepherds” will manage the rest of us like a world-wide herd of sheep.

There is an obvious connectedness to the events going on all around you – if you would just pay attention.

Troy L Robinson

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