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Recent remarks by Caliph Obama regarding a “solution” in the middle east seem to indicate the U.S. is drifting away from sometimes ally Israel. This should not be surprising to anyone, given the Caliph’s open support of Islamist goals. (Do not be confused by the Obama authorized murder of bin Laden. The sacrifice of one individual counts as nothing in an ongoing war to reinstate the Caliphate. Remember that Obama is actively supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in several Arab countries in the so-called efforts to promote democracy in those countries.)

Before I continue, a bit of disclosure is in order so that the reader might know my personal biases in this matter:

→ As readers of my articles should know, I do not subscribe to any religious organization or to any religious belief.

→ While I do not consider myself anti-Semitic, I do have some serious issues with the Zionist movement (even though I consider them easier to tolerate than the Islamic movement).

→ At times, I have been very displeased with the conduct of wealthy American Jews who seem to put the welfare of Israel ahead of the welfare of America. I am even more displeased with their ongoing support of the progressive movement in America.

→ I have referred to Israel is our “sometimes ally”. The reason I do this is that I don’t really consider them an ally at all. I believe that they worry only about what they think is right for Israel no matter the cost to other nations, including those nations that have supplied them with money, weapons, and political support in world forums (like the United Nations). Never forget that Israel attacked one of our ships in international waters, in 1967 (the USS Liberty), killing 34 Americans and wounding another 174. The apparent reason for the attack was that the Liberty was a communications ship capable of intercepting evidence of illegal activities by the Israeli military. More recently, Israeli “diplomats” in the U.S. have been caught spying on the U.S. True allies simply do not do such things.

That said, on with my opinion/rant.

First, let me say that I consider the middle east an ongoing tragedy in which ALL of the actors have done and continue to do wrong.

While what happened to the Jews in WWII was despicable, it did not give the western powers the right to take land from the Palestinians to be used to establish a Jewish state. I understand the Jewish claim to be chosen by God, but, since I acknowledge no God, I cannot give any credibility to this claim. In fact, it strikes me as the same kind of political BS as the “manifest destiny” argument previous generations of Americans used to justify our own land grabs. The major difference between “manifest destiny” and “chosen of God” seems to be that those practicing “manifest destiny” had the foresight to destroy those from whom they were stealing while the “chosen” merely pushed theirs to one side, leaving them to fight back in later years. And, fight back they have done, year after year, with no other effect than to cause suffering on both sides of the issue.

My point in this analysis is that, there being no “right” side in the issue, it is therefore not an issue that can be addressed in terms of what is right and what is wrong. This means that, in my reckoning, each player in the tragedy should be free to continue to pursue whatever course it believes to be in its own best interest. As noted above, the Israelis clearly do this and the Palestinians think they do as well, despite the fact that most of their activities are self defeating.

This bring us to US – what action is in OUR best interest in this mess? Unfortunately, IMHO, it is to continue to support Israel. I fear that, if we do not, the hostile Arab nations will feel unconstrained in their quest to eliminate the Jewish state and will start truly threatening activities that will provoke Israel into deploying its vast nuclear arsenal. Said differently, I have no doubt that, if they thought they were about to be annihilated, the Israelis would send nukes flying toward all their hostile neighbors without regard to whether this would ignite a worldwide nuclear conflagration.

My over assessment is that I consider Israel to be an illegal state that has brutalized its neighbors and I am not willing for Americans to die trying to save them. Yet, for now, we MUST support them in an attempt to SAVE OURSELVES. We have given Israel our unconditional support in the past, supporting them during their grand land grab in the 1960’s when they clearly were the instigators of war in the region, supporting them despite their attacks on US. This unconditional support of Israeli wrongdoing has gained us the unending animosity of the Muslim world.

Clearly, it was against our national interest to render such unconditional support – but we did it anyway. Now, we have no choice but to continue that support because the political, nuclear-fueled nightmare that has resulted now makes in our own national interest to continue our support, in the hope that a nuclear exchange in the middle east may be somehow avoided. While I personally find such an exchange inevitable, the result will be so horrible that any chance of prevention, however slim, must be pursued.

How and why did we ever let the international financial cartel maneuver us into such a total mess? Maneuver us into constantly acting against our own best interests so that a few could accumulate ever more wealth and power over the rest of us? Maneuver us into steadily supporting the march toward a new world order despite the fact that such an order will mean the destruction of everything we value?

As anyone who has followed my articles should know, I have nothing whatever against ethically gained wealth. Indeed, I think the ethical pursuit of wealth is a good thing. But, when greedy wealthy people team up with greedy government officials, everyone and every thing is in mortal danger. And we now find ourselves at one of those points in history where a century or so of corruption must now be accounted for. As usual, the suffering will fall hardest on those who had the least part in creating the problem.

Survive if you can, however you can.

Troy L Robinson

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