PostHeaderIcon The Leader of Al Qaeda is Dead! Long Live the Leader of Al Qaeda

So, after 10 years of killing people throughout the middle east, expending trillions in treasury, and making most of the middle eastern world hate us even more than they otherwise would, we are told that our military has finally killed Osama bin Laden.

While I have no objection to this on the grounds that he clearly needed killing, does anyone really think this will change the outlook for Al Qaeda and more terrorist attacks against the west?

For my part, I honestly doubt it. To believe it would make a significant difference is to believe that Osama was the only Islamist around with brains, access to funds, and the requisite level of hatred.

I suspect there are many brilliant Islamists, no shortage of hatred toward the west, and virtually unlimited oil money available to finance the jihad.

I suggest we all should be glad they finally got him, that we should hope the resources being expended on the hunt will now be put to better use, then we should expect business as usual on the Islamist front.

Troy L Robinson

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