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Earlier today, I posted this comment on as part of an exchange discussion the Obamanation’s birth certificate. I thought it worth repeating here.

Might I suggest that Mr. Obama (or Soetoro or whatever) is merely a puppet for the international financial cartel. These are the same folks who OWN and OPERATE the Federal Reserve, not for the best interests of the United States, but for the best interests (that is, profit and power) of the cartel. As I write this, the Federal Reserve is working overtime to produce trillions in fiat money for the express purpose of STEALING everything you own as well as what you might earn in the future. They do this by inflating the U.S. currency (that is, by diluting its value through intentional inflation).

While the international financial cartel really does not care whether a given nation is a republic, a dictatorship, a socialist democracy, whatever — so long as the cartel gets to control its currency, it would be so much simpler and would enhance their power so much, if there were a single world government (a.k.a. a “New World Order”). These evil but patient people are gradualists; they have been working steadily toward their one world government for many years. As this point, the only real obstacle remaining among the western nations is the residual liberty in the United States and whatever of our free market economy remains. They are making great progress toward destroying what remains of our economy, our prosperity, and the liberty these enable, by driving the country into unsustainable debt, destroying the currency through intentional inflation, and by further draining our treasury and our resolve by getting our military hopelessly involved in every war they can inflame. Usually making sure that what starts as a noble seeming war ends up a never-ending quagmire. And it is working.

If any of you REALLY want to try to help save the United States from collapse, then stop letting yourselves be distracted by red herrings like the birth certificate issue. After all, it does not really matter that much where our pseudo-dictator was born. What matters is what he and his masters are doing to us.

If you want to make a real difference, then I suggest you begin by hounding your senators and representatives until they support the Ron Paul proposal to publicly audit the internal operations of the Federal Reserve. Were the American people to ever even slightly understand what this monster is doing to us, they would demand its elimination.

Think about it — then act rather that just yacking about the conspiracy du jour.

Troy L Robinson

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