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Against all reason, the Obamanation has succeeded in getting the U.S. Involved in the civil war in Libya. Never mind that we don’t even know who the rebels are or whether they might turn out to be even worse than Gaddafi. Never mind that we are already bogged down in two Muslim wars that we can’t afford. Never mind the lesson from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, where we supplied the mujahideen resistance with war materiel that is now being used to kill Americans.

But worse still is the way the Obamanation went about getting us involved. Did he ask for a declaration of war as the Constitution requires? NO! Did he even ask the U.S. Congress for authorization, as past presidents have done? NO! Did he even pay lip service to our Constitution? NO!

So, where did he get his authority to engage in this war? From the United Nations. That is correct my friends, this soon-to-be outright dictator openly considers United Nations resolutions superior to our Constitution.

Is this not a naked violation of the oath of office he took, vowing to protect and defend that very Constitution? Of course it is! Should he be impeached IMMEDIATELY? Of course he should!

And what are the valiant leaders of the GOP saying or doing about it? Not one damn thing. They have clearly surrendered their authority to Obama and, in doing so have forfeited any and all reasons for respect, let alone re-election. Predictably, Ron Paul seems to be the lone GOP representative who even noticed that this is all wrong. To his credit, representative Kucinich (a Democrat) has actually suggested impeachment but I see no evidence his party will follow along.

The next question is what will we the sheeple say or do about it? Will the Tea Party organize massive demonstrations against this outrage? Will we start a tax strike, a work stoppage or any other any meaningful activity? I seriously doubt it.

I only thought I was disgusted before. Now I am exploring whole new depths of disgust.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Troy says:

    I just heard some CNN analysts discussing Obama’s incursion into Libya and they seemed puzzled by it — questioning the apparent policy inconsistencies, and wondering why Obama has made no effort to justify, or at least explain, his actions to the American people.

    Good questions. But questions that arise only when Obama is viewed as acting in the role of President of the United States. If, instead, one viewed this as yet another instance of Obama acting in the role of presumptive leader of a new world order, might some of these questions answer themselves? Might be worth thinking about.


  • Ahmed Hashad says:

    I admit that I cheated in Obama. I believed what he said about ending the war in Afghanistan & Iraq and close Jontnamu and correction of America’s international role and stop doing the role of the world policeman. But now I do not find much difference between him and the Arab dictators. All of them only offer the false promises and the slavery.

    • Rochnowski says:

      Thank you for your honesty, and your present remarks. Obama also admits he is not a united States citizen, see: This is another reason we must beware, and take action… as a non-citizen does not have the allegiance a citizen does… just as the natural born citizen usually has deeper patriotism to our nation, than does an immigrant citizen… not always, but, I believed more so… until this current climate of citizenry is just sitting in front of their boobtubes – allowing their brains to be baked into the mind-numb-robots television creates in people. Always happy to hear an account, as yours, where a person awakens to the truth!

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