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When the Wikileaks story first broke, my initial instinct, like that of many Americans, was one of anger and a wish to see the perpetrators punished.

Now that the situation is calming down and the actual leaked information is being made public, my attitude has changed considerably. My initial understanding was that they were leaking war strategy, the names of people on the other side who are helping America and the like. In a word, information that might endanger the future freedom and safety of the country.

Instead, what I have seen so far is information that exposes unsavory actions, taken in our name, by members of our government, particularly the Department of State. Indeed, the whole reason the information in question was classified secret seems to be intended to hide government actions from we the people rather than protecting our freedom or security.

Now I understand why “our” government is reacting so strongly when they can’t do the same in regard to such things as nuclear threats from rogue nations… they are trying to cover up their own misdeeds and are angry that some of them have been exposed, exposing our “leaders” for the thugs that they actually are.

As more of this information becomes public, I become more inclined to want to see Wikileaks awarded a medal of freedom!

Rather than continuing to investigate the folks at Wikileaks, we the people should demand that our government investigate the content of the leaked material. And, if true, those officials responsible for flagrant violations of our Constitution should be immediately removed from office, and, in the case of military commanders, they should be stripped of rank and dishonorably discharged. Yes, I know that some of what was done may have been ordered, or at least “suggested” by their superiors – but, as we established at Nuremberg, no military officer or government official is supposed to obey any order they know to be illegal. In case I am being too subtle, please understand that I am referring directly to Secretary of State Clinton and General Petraeus.

Concerning General Petraeus, I agree that we probably should be attacking and killing some Yemenis. But, there is a constitutional way to do that. It starts with Congress stepping up to its duty with a declaration of war. Instead, one of our highest ranking military officers was willing to go around that Constitution and also to get a foreign government to cover for him. I submit that it dangerous enough when any government official ignores or defies our Constitution. But, when high ranking military officers do it, it opens the door to the worst disaster that could befall us – as individual citizens and as a nation.

For now, the Wikileaks internet site has been disabled and the leader, Julian Assange, is being hounded by several governments. It may well be that we will never know what was in the other information, not yet made public. Mores the pity.

Will sufficient of the sheeple ever wake up and take action to stop this outrage? I truly wish I thought so but I believe it less with every new revelation.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Troy says:

    Since I posted the original rant, Julian Assange has been taken into custody, with the cooperation of multiple governments, an all-out assault is being directed against any entity that aids Wikileaks (server providers, credit card companies, PayPal, etc.).

    Imagine what might have transpired if these same governments had put the same urgency and effort into capturing Osama bin Laden?

    This is not about governments trying to protect their citizens… this is about governments throwing their weight around to hide their own illegal actions and to keep them hidden!!

    Wake up Americans while there is still something worth waking up to!!

    Troy L Robinson

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