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Whenever an opening occurs, I try to talk to people about what is happening to our nation. When I find they are in general agreement with me, I often ask “so, what are you doing about it?”. The most frequent response I get is “Well, what can we do?”.

This got me thinking that I would generate a simple list of things the ordinary guy/gal on the street can do. Once I have such a list, I will then print it on a “card” that I can easily carry about and hand to those I am trying to influence. I am amazed at the things that simply don’t occur to people.

So, I will offer a starter list with the sincere request that anyone who happens on this will help me improve this list until it is something any of us would be proud to hand to others.

My starting liust:

– Communicate with those who represent you – by letter, by email and by telephone. There is no chance they will do as you wish if you don’t tell them.

– Attend any Tea Party within reasonable distance from where you are. You do not need a fancy sign — just be there and be polite.

– Contribute your time and/or money to political candidates who share your point of view. It need not be a large amount of time or money — everything helps.

– Contribute to organizations that work to get the truth out to people. Chose whatever pleases you — I like the Media Research Center and the Heritage Foundation.

– Go to the polls and cast an INFORMED vote. Voting your emotions is never a good idea.

– Consider supporting independents and/or 3rd party candidates. The 2 major parties both tend to put party above country.

– Talk to your family, friends and neighbors. Perhaps offer them a copy of this list?

– If you can’t do all of the above, do whatever you can.

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