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It is time to repeat my recurring question — have you had enough yet? Are you angry enough to actually do something yet?

I submit to you that, were a foreign government doing to us what our own so-called government is doing, we would be demanding a declaration of war.

Yet, here we sit while our government allows our gulf coast region to be devastated;

While they actually encourage an invasion via our southern border;

While they destroy the best health-care system in the world;

While they insult long-time allies at the same time they allow some of our worst enemies to arm and scheme against us and our few remaining allies;

While they do everything in their power to destroy our economy;

While, while, and so on.

Just what does it take to spur you folks to action? Yes, a number of us gather in so-called Tea Parties, wave a few signs, and otherwise preach to the choir. But, to what end?

On yes, we are going to put a bunch of Republicans in office to shore up the sorry bunch already there, and already contributing almost as much to the problem as the liberal Democrats.

Let me know how that works out for you — assuming we are still allowed to communicate with each other by then.

Troy L Robinson

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