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Seems like I hear endless complaints from people who are apparently unsatisfied with their current position in life. For all of you, I offer a simple suggestion: If you don’t like your current position, then move to a new one! However, should you choose to take my advice, I offer two more things for you to consider:

First, the only reliable way to move to where you want to be is under your own power. Thinking someone else will do it for you is simply silly and the mere promise is probably given to get you to vote for someone or thing that is not in your own interest.

The second thing to consider that you can only move from where you now are. Not from where you wish you were. Not from where you might have been if only (add your excuse here).

Sounds simple enough — why do so few actually try it??

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  • Daedalus says:

    Good advice Troy,
    But first one needs to step back and assess where they want to move to. Try estimating your life expectancy and draw a line marking off the potential years on it. Then locate where you want to be and when. Are your goals consistent with your skills and assets? Then answer, “Is the road I am taking now moving me in the right direction?” If not “what can I do to change it?”
    Like Troy explains you have the power to change if you really want to. If a person was sitting on a thumb tack and professed they were uncomfortable with the fact, we might ask them why they don’t do something about it. The replies might be something like.
    I’ve always sat on one, it is just the given.
    I am sitting on a precipice and the least move might send me plunging to destruction.
    I would probably end up sitting on a bigger pin, so why bother to move?
    I enjoy suffering as long as other people feel sorry for me.
    I am restrained hand and foot and am incapable of movement. (when he obviously isn’t)
    Well, the list could go on but reasons for inaction take many forms, some psychological, some physical, but the opportunities for doing something different are always there. To begin with changes may have to be small. If, in good faith, one has taken on obligations to others it would not be reasonable to just say “go to hell” and wonder off on some other path. As Fitzgerald said through Omar Khayyam, “The moving finger writes and having writ moves on, nor all thy piety or wit will recall but half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.” Or as Shakespeare said, “What’s done cannot be undone.” We are, after all, responsible for our actions, so think firstly, act secondly.

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