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It is incredibly easy to discredit legitimate inquiry into incongruous political stories, by labeling questioners as hate-filled “conspiracy nuts.” Then, to cement the deal, all one needs do is manufacture some patently false evidence that purports to support the “conspiracy theory,” and when the inquirers take the bait, expose it as false and blame the “nutters” for manufacturing it.

Over a year ago, I was labeled a hate-mongering racist for publicly pointing out that Obama was a Marxist. Yet, that conclusion would necessarily befall the least intuitive inquirer, who simply took the time, as I had, to read his own autobiography, “Dreams of my Father,” the literary hoax ghostwritten by his terrorist pal, Bill Ayers. How many serious thinkers would still argue with my observation, after the undeniable evidence of the past six months of Obama’s policy initiatives? Does that make me a “conspiracy nut?”

Glenn Beck, et al, are starting to put the pieces together and see an organized effort on a grand scale to fundamentally transform America into a glorious Marxist utopia. When one peels back the onion and looks closely at all the rabidly Marxist individuals, who have now ascended to the highest levels of our government – particularly Obama’s closest advisers and commissars – it becomes increasingly difficult not to see something akin to a conspiracy at play.

Who seriously doubts that Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright would now be among those sitting at the right hand of the Obamessiah today, had it not been necessary to throw them under the bus when the true Marxist nature of these very close associates was exposed during the campaign? Does it mark one as a “conspiracy nut” just to notice such things, or only when one has the audacity to speak publicly of them?

Not surprisingly, the latest purported Kenyon Birth Certificate is yet another forgery. The Obama supporter who forged it brags that he “punked” the “Birthers” with it. I might be offended at the label “Birther” were it not so laugh out loud funny that 35% of those bandying the term about, are convinced that George Bush personally ordered explosives to be placed in the World Trade Center and under the levies around New Orleans, to cause the 911 and Katrina disasters for political purposes.

I gladly return to my long-held assertion that the whole birth certificate issue is a canard – Obama is ineligible to serve as POTUS simply by definition of “Natural Born,” since his (reported) father was not an American citizen. Period. No conspiracy theory required. I have long conjectured that it is not necessarily the place of his birth that he is hiding, but the potential for embarrassment and discredit over the lies and distortions in his own books regarding his personal narrative.

Those of us old enough to be contemporaries of his mother, have no difficulty recalling the social paradigm that existed at the time of his birth. It is the height of politically incorrect speech to mention it today, but in 1961 any white teen-aged girl who slept around with Negroes (the polite term at the time), was definitely considered a slut by just about every segment of American society, including Black society. To get knocked-up by one, in those times before legal abortions were readily available, would constitute a social disaster – especially in Hawaii.

As any Vietnam era veteran can attest, the Asian cultures of Hawaii, Japan, Korea, et al, were even more prejudiced against the Negro race than the average southern American at the time. I can report from personal experience that even the brothels in these three places were segregated; and the prostitutes who serviced my Black buddies were routinely shunned by those who wouldn’t. The notion that Obama Sr. and his mother could have lived a normal married life in Hawaii, and nobody in their happy neighborhood even remembers them, is laughable.

They would have stuck out like a sore thumb anywhere on the island of Oahu, and been the subject of much “talk stink” about them. I lived on Oahu for eight years in the late ’80s and early ’90s and not much had changed even then. Even Whites are in the minority in Hawaii. Blacks were very rare on Oahu (less than 1% of the population) and almost all are in the military.

How and why this young authentic Black Muslim married this 17-year-old child is curious, considering he already had a wife back home. Perhaps the Dunham’s waived the dowry; but how did this poor exchange student plan to support a second family? I think it reasonable to assume that he didn’t; for within two weeks of Obama’s birth, his mother was living in Seattle and enrolled in college there, while Obama Sr. was still attending the University of Hawaii. She did not return to Hawaii until after he had left there to study at Harvard.

Jerome Corsi has documented this time-line, which puts the lie to the tale Obama told in “Dreams from My Father”:

Were the MSM as interested in the integrity of politicians on the Left as they are in those on the Right, this report in itself would be a big story. The questions and conjecture Corsi posits are all valid.

I’ll submit two others. First, the forensic expert who first exposed as a forgery the initial COLB posted by the Obama campaign, revealed that there were artifacts left on it that show it was originally a COLB for his half-sister, who was clearly born in Indonesia. It should be a relatively simple matter to determine whether she does in fact have a COLB on file in Hawaii. If she does, it represents prima facia evidence that a COLB from Hawaii means nothing in determining the place of birth of its holder; as it is, or at least was, routinely used to skirt the necessity of dealing with the Federal Immigration authorities to straighten out the messy issues surrounding the birth of children of Hawaiian citizens on foreign soil.

Second, months ago I watched a clip of Ann Dunham’s best friend at Mercer Island High School being interviewed by a TV reporter very early on in Obama’s campaign, regarding her surprise visit back to Seattle when Barack was only a few days old. She was stunned that she was now a mother and apparently not very excited about it or competent at the task. Barack messed his diaper and Stanley thrust him at her to change, as if she were incapable of the unpleasant chore. This was being reported as a solo “vacation” visit, which made little sense for a young mother only a few days after childbirth. Somewhere, I saw conjecture at the time that she may in fact have been sent to Canada to complete her pregnancy, at one of the resident facilities they offered for such “embarrassing” events for young single mothers.

This resonated with me at the time; for if the child had been born in Seattle, there would be no reason to register his birth in Hawaii. Had he been born in a hospital in Hawaii, there likewise would have been no reason for the COLB registration procedure. The Kenya birth conjecture just never made sense to me, even though his grandmother swears she attended his birth there. Given what Corsi has documented here regarding her staying in Seattle for another year, without returning to Hawaii where her supposed husband and parents lived, this conjecture has renewed standing in my hopelessly curious mind.

One thing is certain. The narrative the Obamessiah tells about his Nativity is pure bunk. â—„Daveâ–º

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