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Chuck Baldwin’s son, Timothy Baldwin, Esq., Makes a powerful case for our responsibilities as individual Sovereigns in, “The American Revolution Revisited.” Here is how it ends:

However, the Federal government today does not recognize the Sovereignty in the people of the respective states; it does not recognizes the respective States’ jurisdiction over all matters not expressly delegated to the federal government; and it does not seem to acknowledge State Sovereignty under the 10th amendment of the US Constitution. Given their evident intent and purposes to continually grow in power and to continually oppress and suppress the sovereignty of we the people, against our respective states, the question becomes, how will they be made to understand this? It is of course up to the Sovereigns in each state to answer this question. And we see the answers arriving through State laws such as the Firearms Freedom Act.

Go read the well written case for yourself. â—„Daveâ–º

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