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In a tweet on twitter yesterday, Glenn Beck asks:

What part of this Iranian situation can we learn from? What part of US can we see there but blind to here? NOT THE GOV, but We the People?

Several points come to mind:

  • Beck has only been on Twitter for two weeks and already over 50K people are “following” his remarks there. Were it not for Twitter itself, we wouldn’t know too much about what is happening in Iran.
  • Even Fox News is lamenting that they cannot verify the “unfiltered” Twitter reports and cell phone camera YouTube videos coming out of Iran. Oh, the horrors… unfiltered news. Talk about allowing the viewer to decide…
  • Most of the traffic is not meant for the West, but is for coordination between the protesters/revolutionaries within Iran.
  • Put the above together and realize that if the Mullahs could stop the Tweeting and YouTubing they would! That they can’t is profound and worth pondering for our own upcoming revolution.

This classic picture of Iranian protesters:

…brings further points to mind:

  • How tragic it is to be born as chattel into a collective thugocracy, where an individual has no value and can be beaten or killed by government henchmen on a whim.
  • How inspirational – yet pathetic – it is to see grown men resorting to throwing rocks at oppressors with guns.
  • Note to our own tormentors: Don’t even think about trying to disarm Americans – our dignity won’t permit it and our streets don’t have rocks.
  • Hmmm… What percentage of Tea Party demonstrators have CCW permits?

I read Beck’s new book, “Common Sense,” yesterday. I found it a disappointing letdown, and had to keep reminding myself that I was not the audience; because there was nothing new for me. To awakening sheeple, who have never been exposed to the truths therein, It will be a valuable read and a road map to further study. More importantly, however, like Thomas Paine’s original, it is not just a well written case against an out of control government; it is a serious call to action.

With nearly a million copies already in print, it is still hard to find a copy in a book store. I had to drive 15 miles to find mine, as all the local stores were sold out. One hell of a lot of people are going to read this book as it gets passed around among friends and family. I suspect it will have the intended effect, of awakening even more Americans to our plight at the hands of the Progressives, and sending a lot more of us into the streets in protest. I sure hope we are ready for the consequences.

I don’t know if his repeated exhortation that the revolution he is calling for can be accomplished bloodlessly is naivete, wishful thinking, or just CYA; but it sure isn’t common sense. It has taken the Progressives over a hundred years to get to this glorious point in their agenda to squash individual liberty and install their collectivist utopia in America. To suggest that the Organizer in Chief’s ACORN thugs and Union organizing goons are going to just allow peaceful protests by awakening individualists to undo all their Obamessiah has achieved, is almost laughable.

At some point, long before Beck’s 912’ers reach critical mass and can rally around a central theme, there will be a deliberate provocation to cause exasperated Patriots to react violently. Everyone knows that there are plenty of loose cannons out there just itching to start shooting. Not all have the requisite discipline and they will be easy to provoke. Then, the Obamedia will kick in with a massive demonization job on the “Right Wing Hate Mongering Militia.” (Already I note that even Fox News is calling the Iranian mullah’s universally despised and bloodthirsty “Basij” their “militia.”)

The timid among the 912’ers will immediately disappear from the scene, so as not to be tarred with that ugly brush. Then, the progressives will pass new onerous gun control laws and probably try to disarm us. THAT will be the provocation that starts civil war in America, and all bets are off on how it will turn out. Then, we get to discover how many of our police and military respect our Constitution and their oath to preserve it. In any case, it won’t be pretty; but I just don’t see a way to avoid it. Glenn is fooling himself if he thinks he does. Just remember, it will be the Patriots on defense and the Progressives on offense, regardless how they try to spin it. Buckle up and be prepared. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Tribal says:

    Hey Dave, nice to see another post, I got to the point of checking daily first thing online and have missed the regularity but I know it gets busy up that way. I agree with most of what your saying but have to wonder why you give so much credit to Obama? or the Obamessiah, what I mean is, all that is going on and what has got us to this point has been as you say over a hundred years coming and he is just the current front man. He is definitely bringing ‘change’ but not as was inferred in his campaign. I also didn’t vote for him nor McCain but rather the only politician I saw as following through with his promises, Ron Paul. I blame Bush for far more crimes against ‘We the People’ in so far as doing all and everything he could to show he was above the law and could care less about the Constitution. He did more to disgrace that document and all the people who have given their lives to make sure it was safe then anyone I can think of. Now I know you are much better versed in the political history of America and I am not trying to debate you on that, it is just curious to me that you give Obama so much credit and before the changing of the guard you weren’t so critical of Bush? With that said, I know I wasn’t as regular a reader of your blog nor was your blog around for most of his dictatorship. Bush did more to make Big Government what it is and Obama is also furthering that cause, with selective service, renewing the PATRIOT Act(which should be called the UNpatriot Act(Play with word meant)) Is it just that Obama is the current front man or do you think it would be much different if McCain won? I think both parties are responsible for the loss of the Constitution as the law of the land and I don’t think we are going to get anywhere close to what needs to be accomplished with either of those parties. Little by little people from both parties are starting to say and feel the same, I think that is due to the internet and blogs like this, you tube and the like and the ability to have a little free speech not controlled by the media juggernaut and the few people that control it. Which who knows will last before they figure out how to take that away too.

    • I blame Bush for far more crimes against ‘We the People’ in so far as doing all and everything he could to show he was above the law and could care less about the Constitution. He did more to disgrace that document and all the people who have given their lives to make sure it was safe then anyone I can think of.

      Not even close, Tribal. Do some studying on Wilson and FDR. For that matter, Lincoln did more damage to the Constitution than Bush did. The Marxist in Chief is now shredding it.

      I frequently called for Bush’s impeachment over his dereliction of duty on the Border issue. Look how insignificant that issue seems now that the Obamessiah is nationalizing our banks, insurance companies, automobile industry, and coming soon the health care and energy industries. He and his Progressive sycophants in Congress are spending our great grandchildren’s money like a drunken sailor, and utterly trashing our currency in the process.

      The Patriot Act had some onerous features; but it was a bipartisan bill and all it did was give law enforcement the same power to deal with international terrorists as it already had to deal with international drug cartels. One can make the argument that they shouldn’t have those powers at all, and in most cases I would; but it is disingenuous to imply that they were invented out of whole cloth by Bush.

      I have immense reverence for the Constitution; but it is not a suicide pact. One can be sure that if Bush had failed to be as aggressive as possible in preventing a repeat of 9/11 and the Jihadis had pulled off another attack, Bush would have been rightly crucified; and any excuse on his part that spying on terrorists would have been unconstitutional just wouldn’t have cut it.

      Don’t you find it interesting that on defense issues, now that the Obamessiah is on the throne and gets to see the daily threat assessment intel, he has pretty much abandoned his anti-war election rhetoric and is following the same policies as Bush?

      Much as I detest McCain, and I didn’t vote for him either, he would have been infinitely better than the Usurper. First, we would have had divided government, which always slows down the process of undermining the Constitution. We would still be eroding toward socialism; but not at light speed, as we are now. Then, the R’s would have forced him to pick originalist SCOTUS judges like Bush did, not these activist “living document” types we will get now.

      You are right that neither wing of the Incumbrepublocrats will ever get us back to Constitutional government; but we don’t have the time required to build a third party. This country is history. It will disintegrate from the crushing debt, devalued currency, and civil war long before enough people could be educated enough to stop it. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Tribal says:

    True, unfortunately true. You may just be right but one must hope, at least for myself as I am going to have to be around for awhile, well, unless the civil war does happen in which case I will probably be one of the ones they come for first, at least if it is up to me. Rather go out in a blaze of glory and possibly spark up some interest then to bow down and follow the sheeple onto the cattle cars. We will see… there is always some nice little island somewhere with a little wahine in a grass skirt with a cool drink with one of those umbrella’s in it…ahhh. Well I must have dozed off and typed a bit of visual from dreamland. On that note, I ‘m going back to sleep… good night.

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