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I encountered an old retired friend who is stunned that the government has revealed the project he has been unable to talk about all these years, “US lab debuts super laser.”

Equipment connected to a house-sized sphere can focus 192 laser beams on a small point, generating temperatures and pressures that exist at cores of stars or giant planets.

NIF will be able to create conditions and conduct experiments never before possible on Earth, according to the laboratory.

A fusion reaction triggered by the super laser hitting hydrogen atoms will produce more energy than was required to prompt “ignition,” according to NIF director Edward Moses.

“This is the long-sought goal of ‘energy gain’ that has been the goal of fusion researchers for more than half a century,” Moses said.

“NIF’s success will be a scientific breakthrough of historic significance; the first demonstration of fusion ignition in a laboratory setting, duplicating on Earth the processes that power the stars.”

Since he knows better, he reckons they are claiming this benign purpose for the weapon in order to get the “greenies” now in charge to continue to support their obscenely expensive project. He also shared the fact that they often triggered UFO sighting reports by bouncing the laser off the moon. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

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