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As I have mentioned, I have joined several social networking sites spawned by the Tea Party and 9/12 Project movements. There are far too many of them basically trying to do the same thing. Today I received an invitation for yet another called ePatriots Conservative Action *Connection* purported to be a resource aggregation site for all the rest of them. That was at least a new twist, so I joined to check it out. It sure has a lot of links to conservative/libertarian places, and only about 50 members so far.

One interesting link I followed was a search engine for other sites, which allows topic specific searches. The supplied URL:

…returned 894 sites! Just perusing a few pages of them finds most to be rather small groups, although one boasted over 40K members. The most intriguing called itself “Hip-Hop Republicans – A Movement of Urban and Inner-City Republicans & Libertarians,” which has 172 members. If anyone finds any interesting groups that are actually having serious debates, which need my attention, please let me know. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

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