PostHeaderIcon Oath Keepers or Jackboots?

I am proud to be an Oath Keeper!

I would ask a few questions of Janet’s Jackboots in DHS or the FBI, who should be watching me by now. I warned Ms. Napolitano to only put committed Leftists on my case, lest I recruit them for the dark side (from her Marxist perspective). What part of the oath you took when we hired you did you not understand? When did you decide that that oath didn’t mean anything? What made you decide that the Progressives / Socialists / Communists / Fascists / United Workers / Community Organizers / UN / NWO / Globalists / Environmentalists / Collectivists / Leftists / Compassionate Conservatives/ Altruists / Social Democrats / Incumbrepublocrats – pick a convenient name for the proponents of the same insidious Marxist ideology that has been steadily undermining our Constitution and our American way of life for over 100 years – were your masters, who must be loyally obeyed no matter what; and that your oath to defend that Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, was just a meaningless ritual?

How can the actions shown in this video, by people in uniform at New Orleans during Katrina, not make you sick to your stomach? Are you really convinced that you are watching the right people? Can’t you see that we are on defense and just trying to preserve our country and culture, and you are the instrument of power crazed politicians, who are trying to preserve and enhance their power? The Federal government has become our nemesis, and we the people (at least the productive ones) are becoming theirs.

All we Patriots ask of them is that they leave us alone to live our lives as we choose to live them. They can’t stand the idea of sovereign individuals who don’t want or need their assistance, because it weakens their control. Which side do you belong on? Think carefully before answering; it is not too late to become an Oath Keeper. â—„Daveâ–º

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