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I have stumbled across a politics wiki called, “Open Politics” that looks interesting. I have not explored it in depth; but it has a “Political Personality Quiz” that is intriguing, because it sorts for different dynamics than most such devices. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • I couldn’t get through that quiz. I kept hitting skip question, which I normally wouldn’t do. My problem with the questions is their attempt to be specific while existing in a vacuum. I would answer each question differently depending on whether the people being governed were Icelandic or North Korean; whether they existed within a mixed bag of competing governments of all persuasions, or within a world filled with similarly enlightened nations. Perfect government is something of an oxymoron. It has elements of rock paper scissors in order to stay competitive within its current economic niche. It is like saying there is only one right way to interact with children. It depends on their age what they are ready to understand. There is no use in teaching history to a a 5 year old. They have little concept of time or the concepts of greed, lust, philosophy, geography and economics necessary to understand the motivations that drive nations to war. It would be a waste of time at an age when they are so ready to absorb the base skills that they will need in order to advance. I posted a video on zogdo a while back about what is needed for the early development of nations as opposed to those farther along the path of prosperity.

  • I enjoyed that video the other day and never got around to thanking you for the treat. I would love the time to play with that software!

    I had similar problems with the quiz; but forced myself to finish it. The results were surprising, and it made me want to go back and start over to figure out which questions I had perhaps misinterpreted; but I haven’t done so yet. Your analogy with the stages of child development is a good one. â—„Daveâ–º

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