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Only ten days ago, I was lamenting the quality of comments to an NBC affiliate’s report on Alan Keyes’ lawsuit, and linked to a report on how George Soros’ “Center for American Progress” might be behind them.

Then, just yesterday I asked if MSNBC was biased for only allowing pro-Obama comments on Pete Williams’ report, about the Supreme Court’s upcoming discussion of two other such lawsuits. I shared a dissenting comment I had left there myself, and wondered aloud whether it would get past the moderator.

When I returned today, nothing has changed. Granted, yesterday was a holiday and the moderator may still be in the throes of a turkey induced nap. On closer inspection, however, I noticed another curiosity. Pete made his post at 11:57 AM on Wednesday. The first comment was sent 36 min. later at 12:33 PM. Then, in rapid fire succession twenty comments, all pro-Obama and many sounding like they were written by the same few individuals, were posted in exactly 30 min. ending at 1:03 PM. Then nothing and still nothing, although I know at least my comment, and the trackback from my post here, both await moderation. Is one hour and six minutes all the time MSNBC allows for discussion of their reports?

I’ll give the moderator the benefit of the doubt, and assume that Team Obama was the first to notice Pete’s report. They could have given him the bum’s rush just before he left early for a four-day weekend. Surely, when he returns refreshed, he will approve my comment, yesterday’s trackback, and the one he will get from this post. That is, unless MSNBC is in fact blatantly biased, and they are actively suppressing informed dissent to their worldview; thus creating the impression on casual readers that there is overwhelming support out here for it. Time will tell… â—„Daveâ–º

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