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MSNBC has finally reported on the Supreme Court’s pending review of Obama’s birth certificate issue. I read with interest the comment section, and every single one that they have published so far has been pro-Obama, with most rather disparaging of “pathetic” Republicans. Somehow that doesn’t seem natural, so I submitted the following:

This is not my issue, and I am commenting just to see if a single dissenting view will be published in the comments.

Pete’s final paragraph is factually incorrect. The Hawaii official would not comment on whether his actual birth certificate showed him to be born in Hawaii. Obama’s half-sister, clearly born in Indonesia, possesses a similar Hawaii “Certificate of Live Birth,” (COLB) which the Hawaiian government will issue to any child born of Hawaiian residents up to a year after their birth elsewhere.

A COLB is inadequate for many purposes for which a “Birth Certificate” is required. All anyone is asking is that Obama actually produce his true Birth Certificate to prove where he was born, yet he continues to spend time and resources fighting the legal battles rather than simply produce it. Common sense would make most anyone wonder what he is hiding. If we have to cough up ours just to get a passport, or security clearance, is it really asking too much that he prove he is Constitutionally eligible for the civil service job he is applying for?

To the commenters blaming the Republicans for this story, be advised that Berg is a lifelong Democrat. This story has been pursued and advanced by die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters, not Republicans. â—„Daveâ–º

Any bets on whether it gets past the moderator? Does anyone see a reason that it shouldn’t? â—„Daveâ–º

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