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After suggesting it unbelievable that it doesn’t exist, or that Hillary would have accepted defeat at the hands of someone Constitutionally unqualified for the office, Joseph Farah, editor of World Net Daily, still asks, “Where’s the birth certificate?“:

I’m also calling on all my colleagues, from coast to coast and around
the world, not to let this matter drop. Apparently it is a point of
real sensitivity with Obama people. Good. Let’s rub it in. Let’s demand
he produce the birth certificate at every turn – at every press
conference, at every appearance, on every talk show.

Could anything be more important than enforcing the requirements of our Constitution?

This is hardly a laughing matter. The longer this soap opera drags
on, the more suspicions it will raise – the less credibility our
electoral system will have, the more many people will believe the whole
political system is rigged.

Whom does that benefit?

I honestly can’t imagine.

What possible motivation could Obama have for not producing this
simple, innocuous document that every citizen must produce to get a
passport, driver’s license or Social Security card?

Are you curious?

So am I.

Where’s the birth certificate, Sen. Obama?

Agreed. It is way past time for him to produce it… if he can. â—„Daveâ–º

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