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Our friend Troy is on the mend from recent back surgery and clearing his head from the painkillers with a vengeance! In a lively screed entitled “Don’t Rein On My Parade,” after some clear thinking on some of the discussion items we have been kicking around in the comment section of my Political Spectrum essay, he suggests that it is time to consider secession as the only option for saving at least a portion of America. By allowing the socialists who prefer Equality to have their half of the country, presumably to be ruled by Obamarx et al, those who prefer Liberty could return to the original Constitutional Republic our founders bequeathed us.

I regard his suggestion as not only serious, but agreeable. I suggest we go over to his place and help him flesh out the idea, and see if there is any way modern patriots could actually pull it off. I reckon we could. If the ragtag Taliban can continue to deny the US government control over vast swaths of Afghanistan, I am sure American Minutemen could deny them hegemony over flyover country. â—„Daveâ–º

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