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I find this two minute clip beyond disturbing:

WV Vote Flipping Caught on Tape

The guy demonstrates an erratic voting machine and explains it is “out of calibration.” Then he inserts a portable device that is purported to be a “calibrator.” When he tries to demonstrate that it is now working properly, its behavior has changed alright, and everything seems to be working correctly until he touches John McCain’s name. It then jumps to register a vote for Ralph Nader.

It should be obvious to the least intuitive that having people walking around with a device that “calibrates” (read, “reprograms”) a voting machine is not a good idea. With all the nonsense already being pulled by Acorn et al already, this uncertainty we just don’t need. I reckon it is time to go back to paper ballots with pens (and purple inked thumbs, for that matter!), and allow precinct workers to count them again and again until all parties agree, before submitting the results to election central. To hell with the big media night; I am willing to wait a day to learn who won, for a little more confidence in the results.

I may just save my gas tomorrow. I reckon an honest man’s vote just isn’t going to matter… especially in CA. â—„Daveâ–º

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