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I saw this “badge” on another blog and decided to check it out.  When I entered the URL for this blog it returned the code to embed here to produce this:

blog readability test

I found that encouraging, because I have often been criticized for my verbosity and penchant for fifty-cent words. It seemed implausible, however, and I noticed that my last entry was the simple one regarding my new hardware; so I tried it again using the URL for my “About Thoughts Aloud” page. This returned:

blog readability test

Come on… OK, how about my serious essay on Sovereign Rights? This returned:

blog readability test

Ouch! I guess I wasted my time with that one! How many geniuses am I going to entice to read it? I tried several more and a few of the longer posts I have made. They all came out as Jr. High School, High School, or:

blog readability test

Finally, I retested a few of them to confirm that it is consistent, and not just generating a random output. If this thing has any validity, I am pleased; for that means my writing is readable by most nominally educated folks, even if they occasionally need to use a dictionary. 🙂

You can try out your own blog, or just about any webpage, by clicking on any of the above images; they all take you to the same test. â—„Daveâ–º

6 Responses to “Blog Readability Test?”

  • Larry Andrew says:

    Hi Dave…..Mary and I have decided we miss you terribly and would like to reconnect. that is, if you will be nice to us, not mean and agree with what we say….lol.

    Anyway, I agreed to try to connect and see where it goes. Let me know if you are interested in welcoming us back to the fold.


    • WOW! Hi Larry! I’ll admit that I miss you guys and our fireside chats too. That period was undoubtably my most enjoyable online experience. The cool thing is that I remember most the comraderie and banter, not the tiffs. I honestly cannot even remember what our falling out was over, Larry. I do remember Mary had issues with my sweeping generalities and chauvinism. 🙂

      Yes! I would love to reconstitute the group and let bygones be bygones. Troy and John (Daedalus) are already here, so jump right in. I promise to try to be kinder and gentler. If this blog format doesn’t work for us, I could even fire up a ‘Reasonable Rationals’ forum again. Give Mary my best and I look forward to hearing from both of you. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Larry Andrew says:

    OK..Dave I’m in and Mary is on the way. I subscribed but is there some other process in addition?

  • brauneyz says:

    Sure, let’s give it a whirl again. There certainly is a dearth of intelligent discourse out there in the blogosphere. As Larry has already discovered though, I’ve moved even further to the right. I might be down right unrecognizable!

    Where to begin …?

  • Larry Andrew says:

    Dave and everyone….since I came on this forum I have realized that my ability to process thoughts thru my brain to my fingers to produce those thoughts on the forum has diminished to an extent greater than I had imagined.

    Hopefully, the more I participate, the more my former capabilities will, perhaps, re-surface. I will keep trying for a while with that hope I can contribute to rational discussion of issues. In the meantime, I ask that you cut me a bit of slack. At some point, if things don’t improve, I may pull the plug.

  • Larry Andrew says:

    BTW, my previous post regarding my current capacity does make a point about this forum. I have participated in some others recently where I did not recognize my current limits. It is only when I began to read the quality posts here that I became concerned.

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