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One of those debates between the Left and Right got started over a political e-mail someone forwarded to their contact list, which happened to include me.  I ignored it until a lady supporting Obama took a gratuitous shot at Sarah Palin, and I could no longer resist the temptation:

Since this discussion keeps landing in my inbox, I might as well join the fray.

Even as a pro-choice libertarian in centerfield, who is thoroughly disgusted with both wings of the Incumbrepublocrat Party, I would prefer to vote for Sarah Palin over all three of the bloviating Senators. She is the only one with actual executive experience, demonstrates uncommon common sense, and holds what I consider to be the honest American values that resonate in Flyover Country. More importantly, she is the only one who doesn’t seem to have Marxist underpinnings and a knee-jerk anti-Capitalist reaction to economic adversity.

Those who absorb their disdain for this remarkable woman from the pathetic media frenzy to discredit her, without noticing that she went from the PTA, to the city council, to mayor, and then took on the good ole boy club in her own Party to clean up government in Alaska, and was basking in an 87% approval rating as their esteemed Governor two years later when asked to run for VP, only demonstrate their shallowness and status as just another gullible lamb in a nation of sheeple. Disagree with her policy positions all you want folks; but that this powerful woman is not celebrated for her achievements, and considered unreservedly qualified to be our POTUS, by every woman calling herself a feminist, tells me everything I ever need to know about the true agenda and rank hypocrisy of the Feminist Movement.

It is certainly not about empowering women to be all they can be, now is it? While Hillary earned a lot of disdain while riding around on her bimbo’s coattails, I notice that most Conservatives now grudgingly give her credit for her hard work and tenacity as an accomplished politician in her own right as a Senator. For all the negativity heaped on her over the years, I never saw a T-shirt with “Hillary is a C…” on it. What the hell is wrong with Progressives?

McCain would be next. I honor his service in Viet Nam, and do admire his frequent independence from Party dogma. I must give him credit for having the moxie to choose Sarah as a running mate; but he disqualified himself from ever getting my vote over the Immigration Amnesty issue, et al. Blaming Wall Street of late for the failures of government meddling in our credit markets does nothing to rehabilitate him to this staunch Capitalist.

Biden would be next. He is a likable enough guy on the surface; yet he is a loose cannon with a looser tongue that has only a casual relationship with truth. Frankly, as a statesman, he is an embarrassment that only adds to Obama’s aura of really poor judgment in the selection of close associates. At least Wm. Ayers is intelligent, articulate, and has firm principles… however misguided.

The silver-tongued Obamessiah is just about the last politician I would entrust with the office of President. Setting aside his thin resume, which doesn’t even come close to Palin’s (unless one is an elitist who foolishly puts an Ivy League degree ahead of actual real world experience); the man is a pure Marxist, and I can only conclude that any non-Marxist contemplating voting for him hasn’t read his books. However, this is not necessary. All one needs to do is notice who his close long-term friends are, and ask oneself why there are great swaths of his past, particularly his college years, which he refuses to release the slightest detail about. Personally, his close association with Rev. Wright for twenty years alone, tells me all I ever need to know about this man’s character and judgment. That any parent could subject his daughters to the pernicious influence of the vile, hateful, racist, anti-American, and Marxist rants from the pulpit by this despicable character, without largely agreeing with them, stretches credulity beyond my grasp.

Fortunately, my vote will make not the slightest difference in the election; the ghettos will reliably give Obama all of California’s electoral votes, and I suspect the sheeple (and ACORN) will do the same in the battleground States where votes do count. I need not hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils; I can spend my vote freely to send a message. I’ll vote for Bob Barr for President, and Sarah Palin for VP. If the country somehow survives the next four years, I look forward with relish to watching the fur fly during the Sarah vs. Hillary battle in 2012! May the best woman win. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

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