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PostHeaderIcon Slick Willie = Busy Willie

This lately from Breitbart: EXCLUSIVE–Linda Tripp: ‘Bill Had Affairs with Thousands of Women’

You know, you really have to admire the guy despite him being a totally despicable criminal sleezeball. Even pretending to be governor then president is hard enough — but to be bedding women by the THOUSANDS in the process? Wow. My one woman wears me out.


PostHeaderIcon Letting My Imagination Run Free

In addition to the drivel I post here, my aging mind rambles in many other directions – none of them in the least productive, but, at least it helps keep the old gray matter a bit more pliable.

For instance, I was just thinking about another great paradox (doesn’t most of human life seem to be exactly that?). In this instance, it occurred to me that (IMHO) the greatest tool for the enhancement of individual liberty occurred in the latter half of my own life. I refer, of course, to the Internet. Yet, this great tool for enhancement of liberty, via unfettered communication, occurred at the same time that so many people have been dumbed down to the point where they really have nothing worth saying (or hearing). Your typical combined miracle and tragedy. So, the Internet is used, primarily, for useless drivel. Just think of it. At no other time in human history would it be likely that a small group of people, like the participants in this blog – people who will probably never know each other as physical human beings, nevertheless can come together to discuss whatever amuses us.

Then I think – what if the Internet had been invented in the late 18th century? Imagine Tom Paine distributing his pamphlets to the world, not just to a handful of revolutionaries? Imagine that Jefferson could have participated, real time, in the drafting of our Constitution even though he was on another continent and on another mission at the time. Myriad similar examples abound.

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PostHeaderIcon The Basic Fallacy Of ALL Belief Systems

Today I propose to you that all belief systems share a common fallacy when, instead, they should share a common truth.

Let us imagine that I am greatly troubled (as I sometimes have been in the past) about the origin of this universe. So, seeking a quiet place to ponder, I find myself in a place reserved for the practice of Judeo-Christian worship. As I sit there pondering, a priest/minister/rabbi of that particular sect approaches and asks me the nature of my obvious pondering. I explain and receive the apparently definite answer that this universe, and all it contains was created by a being they call God. Have I received the ultimate answer to the mystery of this universe? No. Only I now ponder about the origin of God.

Later, I find myself in the presence of a renown scientist. One who has truly delved deeply into the physics of this universe. I repeat my yearning to know the origin of this universe. The scientist treats me to a lengthy description, most of which is quite beyond my ability to comprehend, about how all the material that existed started to collapse upon itself due to an ever strengthening gravitational force. Finally, all that matter is condensed down to almost nothing – to a state where, rather than condense further, all it can do is explode in the greatest explosion this universe has ever seen. Then, as the detritus from that explosion started to cool, it started processes that ultimately produced this universe. Do I now know the ultimate answer to the mystery of this universe? No. Now I am even more confused because I have no idea where that matter came from to begin with much less how gravity came to be.

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PostHeaderIcon A Possible Means Of Creation

Many people earnestly believe that our universe (multiverse?) and all within it were the result of a conscious act by an intelligent being. I propose to describe, in this article, a possible method whereby that might really have happened, devoid of any and all acts by that dynamic duo Hocus and Pocus.

I begin with a fact that is self-evidently true… if there was/is a creator, that creator pre-existed that which it created – in this case, the present universe which we inhabit. That being true, it must be equally true that the creator of this universe is not OF this universe, therefore any attempt to “know” anything about said creator is doomed to failure. This is because all our ability to “know” or to “describe” anything is based on the known laws of this universe, leaving us helpless to “know” or “describe” anything outside this universe where whatever laws may exist are unknown to us.

Having established that basis, let us try to agree that there are two primary methods by which this universe might have been created. The first, which I will label the “Zap! – Zam! – Viola! method which, of course would depend on magic (the “creator” having magically “created” everything in this universe via supernatural methodology). Since it is impossible to have a rational discussion on any subject that necessarily includes superstition, the supernatural or mysticism, I reject this method.

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PostHeaderIcon A Really Stupid Answer

As previously stated, I am essentially dropping out of political commentary because the political situation is beyond the ken of rational discussion. Yet, I still have the urge to amuse myself via diarrhea of the keyboard, hence a journey into new fields of discussion.

Today’s rant was inspired by a billboard I saw the other day while riding down the highway. Now, I had seen this and similar billboards for years but, for some reason, this particular sighting rather slapped me upside the face when the idiocy of its message actually got through. The message:


Now anyone with ¼ of a brain knows that life, as we currently understand it, actually began several billions of years ago.

I am a longtime fan of the writings of the late Dr. Carl Sagan. Among other insights he offered us was that while the universe seems likely to spontaneously produce new life on a grand scale, by processes we do not yet fully understand, there remains the possibility that the universe got the process right ONLY A SINGLE TIME. And, in Dr. Sagan’s opinion, on the mere possibility that spontaneous life was a singular occurrence, we should treat it as a miracle beyond mere reverence. I find myself in total agreement with Dr. Sagan’s viewpoint.

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PostHeaderIcon Ringer Trumps Hillary

I already have a “Ringer on Trump” post; but here is an even better one. In fact it is a brilliant analysis of a Trump vs. Hillary match-up in November, if they both get their Party’s nominations.  It is beautifully written, not too long, and I concur with it 100%. I highly recommend that you go read it in its entirety, so I will only excerpt a few teasers to entice you to do so:

…Bubba is a world class con man, to be sure, but Hilla the Hun is a rank amateur.

In fact, I would have to say that she has less credibility than any politician I can remember — and that’s saying a lot, considering the fact that most politicians hover near zero when it comes to that trait. Surely, Hillary’s handlers must wince every time she opens her mouth — especially when she talks about things like love, kindness, and the “war on women.”

That’s why it’s always puzzled me that so many people seem to believe Hillary is invincible. My take on her is that she is so inherently wicked, so corrupt, so vicious, such an outlandish liar, and such a transparent fraud that anyone short of Ronald McDonald, Mitt Romney, and Mush McCain could KO her with one verbal punch.

Or, how about this:

…Trump haters are placing their hopes on the belief that he’s alienated so many people that it would be impossible for him to get enough electoral votes to win a general election.

I’m not a Trump supporter (I don’t support any politician!), but I must take issue with the foregone conclusion of the Trump-hating crowd. In fact, I’m almost tempted to go so far as to say that the reason Trump might very well win it all is because he alienates so many people.

What media knotheads don’t get is that anti-establishment guys like me would love to see anyone take a wrecking ball to Washington’s Den of Thieves and break up the nonstop party that’s been going on for at least fifty years. That’s why I’m inclined to believe that the more Trump says nasty things, the more likely he is to win over fed-up Republicans, Democrats, and, above all, independents.

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PostHeaderIcon Coulter on Trump

I recall that some of you have a rather low opinion of Ann Coulter; but her latest column, “IT’S TIME FOR THE OTHER 13 CANDIDATES TO DROP OUT,” is well worth the read. For example:

At what point in Donald Trump’s inaugural address do you figure the GOP establishment will finally grasp what’s been happening?

The establishment — not “elites,” because they’re mostly bland functionaries who went to third-rate schools — have thrown absolutely everything they have at Trump. I’ve never seen so many Republicans featured on MSNBC.

At least no one will be able to say the Republican National Committee didn’t give it the old college try (and, again, that would be third-rate colleges).

Trump is a runaway hit with Americans for the simple reason that he’s the only candidate saying anything Americans care about.

It is pretty hard to argue with that…

After the San Bernardino terrorist attack, committed by Muslim immigrants — which followed the 1993 World Trade Center terrorist attack committed by Muslim immigrants; the 9/11 terrorist attacks committed by Muslim immigrants; the Fort Hood terrorist attack committed by a Muslim immigrant; the Boston Marathon terrorist attack committed by Muslim immigrants, and on and on — Trump suggested a temporary pause on Muslim immigration.

The other candidates responded by attacking him viciously. Now, the eunuchs are duking it out over who has the most aggressive approach to … fighting ISIS!


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PostHeaderIcon Tomi on Trump

Tomi’s clips usually run about two minutes apiece. Two parts on why America loves Trump, back in September:



Then, Part II:



However did Trump manage to resist her cute invitation for an interview? It would definitely have gone way past ‘viral.’ I’d call it his first serious blunder. :)  ◄Dave►


PostHeaderIcon Tomi Lahren

In the “I Stand With Joe” post, Chris posted a link to a video by new conservative heart-throb, Tomi Lahren. No, you would have to be a lot younger, you old letch; she is only 23. You would also need to be a lot tougher; rumor has it that her boyfriend is a Navy Seal. If you read “Lone Survivor“, you will understand that he earned her; we didn’t. :)

Besides were she available and attracted to geezers, you would be way too late, Chris. I saw her first back in July, when she recorded this one after the Chattanooga terrorist attack:



So, Glenn Beck managed to outbid Roger Ailes for her! I assumed that Ailes already had her contract typed up and waiting for her gig on OAN to end. :)

BTW: I just subscribed to her YouTube channel, so expect to see more of her hereabouts. It looks like I have a lot of pleasant catching up to do. Thanks for the reminder, Chris. :) ◄Dave►

PostHeaderIcon Jihadist Varmints

While reading some of the White House’s spin to desperately try deflecting any responsibility for the San Bernardino Jihadist’s successful terrorist attack, meanwhile simultaneously railing about the need for more gun-control, it occurred to me that it was time to once again recycle a letter to the editor that I wrote over 20 years ago.

First let me make the point that their insistence that these Jihadists were ‘home grown’ and not members, or under the direction of ISIS or other Jihadist NGO, is to me a distinction without a difference. I suspect their 35 dead and injured victims, and their loved ones, don’t much care either. Puzzling over their ‘motive’ is patently ridiculous. They were Jihadists doing what most irrational Jihadists are anxious to do. Terrorizing and slaughtering infidels while dying for the glory of Allah, to earn the promised rewards for ‘martyrdom’ in their hereafter.  Those unable to immediately grasp that, are willfully blind, ignorant, stupid, or lying through their teeth.

LOL! I just had a wicked thought. I wonder what their sex life will be like in Heaven. Will they each have their own individual 73 person orgies, or would it be one big 146 person wife-swapping party? Then, it would seem that by now Allah should have a much larger supply of virgin men for his martyred bride Malik, than virgin women for her cuckold. Also, her virgins would obviously be young, virile, military aged men, while by now Allah is probably scraping the bottom of the virgin barrel and only has elderly nuns and wrinkled old maids left for him. I’m guessing by now Farooq realizes he made a huge mistake, and would have enjoyed better sex if he had stayed on Earth with his once-faithful young bride. :)

Anyway, there are a lot of politicians, sheriffs, and even an university president currently advocating Americans prudently arm themselves for self-defense against Jihadists. In “Urban Varmints,” I also advocated rational armed self-defense, rather than cowering in fear while waiting for the government to come to the rescue, from the scourge of urban gangs. I used the analogy of snakes as often harmless; but those displaying the ‘gang colors’ of a rattlesnake, were deadly and not to be trusted. Plug Muslims into the snakes category, and easily profiled Sharia compliant Jihadists into the rattlesnake variety of such, and my 20-year-old missive could be republished as current. ◄Dave►

PostHeaderIcon Thank You President Obama

So, a massive attack in California, apparently by peaceful Muslims. Thanks to Obama’s insight, I now understand why.

Here I was, thinking that some brain-washed folks, desperately clinging to ideas and traditions formed when many of our kind still lived in caves, were bent on killing any and all who dare try to enlighten the Muslims – or even just trying to enlighten themselves.

Now I understand that they are being driven wild by fear of global climate change – no religious connection whatever. WOW! That really explains everything. All I need to do now is turn off the AC, burn my F-350, get a horse to ride and all will be well again.

Meanwhile, back in the real world…

Doesn’t the 25th amendment to our Constitution allow for removal from office of a president who is clearly unfit to do the job? According to Bill O’Reilly, this almost happened to Reagan when he was actually doing a half-derriere job. The current guy, IMHO, is doing a “derriere free” job (unless you count his head as a derriere – or, being stuck in a derriere). It is truly amazing how much more damage can be done in “only” 14 months.

I know that we all pretty much agree that the USA is nearing its end. But that does not mean I cannot (or should not) protest every inch of the way toward that end.

Think about it. Then pour yourself a good dram of Scottish magic (I prefer Laphroaig), light up a good cigar, and read something that pleases your mind. At least this works for me.

Troy L Robinson

PostHeaderIcon Why This Sudden Burst of Activity?

As one can easily tell from the dates on the articles I have posted here, I have pretty much stopped contributing due to the obvious lack of interest.

Now, quite suddenly, this burst of comments, mostly on rather old articles. Why the sudden interest (or, if not interest, then why the sudden burst of activity)?


PostHeaderIcon A Quick Observation

For some time, I have been amazed that, in spite of all the revelations of dishonest behavior, around 40% of Americans seem to believe that Hillary Clinton is honest.

Then I remembered that around 80% of them believe there is a god.

Maybe not so amazing after all.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

PostHeaderIcon Does Chelsea Have a Sister?

Oh, oh…




It seems a State court judge in Arkansas believes this young lady has enough evidence for a paternity suit, which will begin next Thursday! Poor Shrillary just can’t catch a break these days. :)  ◄Dave►

PostHeaderIcon Happy Valentine’s Blind Dating

Although I have proudly owned a couple of them,  I am no longer a Corvette man, since I am still pissed at GM for becoming “Government Motors” for a bailout. Now, even though I haven’t driven a Mustang since I bought a brand new one in 1969, I could go for the latest model:



…but I would want to drive it myself. :) ◄Dave►

PostHeaderIcon He Said What?

I admit to being a fan of Duck Dynasty although I would be hard pressed to give a rational reason why. I guess it is the fact that I grew up in similar country (swamps) and enjoyed hunting (especially ducks although I was never especially successful at it – one needed $$ to hunt where there were lots of ducks and $$ I did not have).

So, GQ (of all magazines) interviews the Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, a retired fundamentalist preacher as well as a duck call inventor. And they, along with the A&E cable network pretend to be surprised that he answered most of the questions exactly as one would expect from a fundamentalist preacher. Imagine that.

I don’t happen to agree with Phil about anything concerning religion or tolerance of my fellow man – but – that is not the point of their TV program. Sure, they work a prayer into every episode, usually at the dining table, but I somehow manage to ignore that just like I ignore the myriad times I am subjected to public prayer in my everyday life (part of the price of living in the rural South).
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PostHeaderIcon Just In Time For Christmas

Introducing the exclusive “Troy Sampler”. It does not look like much but you could be the only one who has one: IMG_5547

On a more serious note, in those 2 days between the surgery and my release from hospital, I was amazed how well I had gotten off. The doctor predicted weeks of miserable pain and here I was up and walking the day after. Needless to say, I could hardly wait to get home. Well……. it seems I had reckoned far too little on this innocuous little button that I was allowed to press (as needed) every 10 minutes or so. It was, in fact, a magic button. Each time I clicked it (and heard the answering “dong”, a dose of pure morphine was being injected into my system. Oh truly happy days!!!!

Now that I am home and dependent on nothing stronger than percoset (itself a schedule II narcotic), I clearly understand the doctor’s prediction.

Leading me to ask — why? If something that simple and that cheap can take a large chunk of the misery out of my life (or that of another), what business should government have in my decision to use it? Yes, after a few weeks of usage, I would be somewhat addicted. All this means is a few more weeks of tapering me off the stuff.

My fondest Christmas wish for those who rule me is that they could feel 1//2 of what I needlessly feel right this moment.

I also wish the rest of you peace and joy. Thanks to all of you for thinking of me and shame on those who think this nothing less than I deserve.


PostHeaderIcon Oh Happy Day

I have had to rebuild my hard-drive (after an accumulation of errors). That alone not being sufficient challenge, I decided to upgrade to Windows 8.1. In spite of all this, I am now up and (sort of) running again.

The bad news is that, despite backing up 3 times each week, I seem to have lost most of my personal data, including email history, address book, all documents created with Open Office, and much more. However, there is still a slight chance some of it may be recoverable by using St. J9’s system (which is still W-7).

So much for pain in the ass and on to pain in the back.

My surgeon is back to work after the holidays (and after the tragic loss of an infant son) and my surgery is now scheduled for December 2. If all goes as planned, I will be out of pocket for about 3 days – then home again with little to do but read and blog.

So much for me. Obviously, I have contributed almost nothing to this blog in recent weeks. This is because there is little new to say. Mostly I am watching things long predicted come to fruition and hoping the worst I have predicted might still NOT come to be. Having said that, about all I see left before a formal declaration of the dictatorship is the institution of martial law and the coming collapse of the national healthcare system may well serve as the catalyst.

Failing that, the recent “deals” with Iran that virtually assure they will obtain nukes should soon do the trick. Then there is the slight possibility that the treason surrounding the Benghazi debacle could come to light, prompting serious calls for impeachment. Or, perhaps no reason whatever is needed?

In closing, I hear that the Obamanation wants to “re-brand” his signature health-care destruction plan. I propose the new name of “ObamaCrap”.

Have a nice Thanksgiving!


PostHeaderIcon What More Can Be Said?

Some time ago, in this blog, I opined that one way to tell that tyrants are becoming secure in their position is that they cease trying to cover up their lies and their misdeeds.

It that not exactly the situation in these United States today?

Today, we are seeing evidence of activities on the part of out-of-control government that, in past days, would have caused people to take to the streets in anger and disgust. Yet, various members of the regime, whether before legislative committees, before what passes for “the press” and in other public venues, give responses to legitimate questions that range from blatant lies to wise-guy responses that are the verbal equivalent of raising the middle finger in the questioner’s face. And there is virtually no meaningful response. Especially from we-the-sheeple.

Consider the testimony of then IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman when asked why he had been cleared to visit the White House 157 times. His response, to a committee of Congress, was that he was taking his kids to the Easter Egg Roll. (Translation – up yours!)

Then we have IRS official Lois Lerner who comes before this same committee, makes a speech proclaiming her innocence of any and all wrongdoing, then invokes her 5th amendment right against self incrimination rather than answer any questions from the committee. (Translation – up yours!)

And, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, angrily responding what difference does it make when asked about the persistent lie that the Benghazi attack, which killed 4 Americans including our Ambassador to Libya, was incited by a YouTube video rather than having been a well planned terrorist attack. (Translation – up yours!)

Meanwhile, the both the Obamanation and his Attorney general lie with impunity to virtually every question then are asked – and are pretty much allowed to get by with it. (Translation – up yours!)
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PostHeaderIcon Stop Apologizing!

From FOX News:

Paula Broadwell apologizes for Petraeus affair
The biographer whose extramarital affair with then-CIA director David Petraeus triggered his resignation says she regrets the relationship.

What is with all this apologizing? The Obamanation has apologized to almost everyone on Earth for America’s very existence. A steady stream of celebrities are constantly apologizing for DUI and abusive behavior (which most then go on to repeat over and over). Criminals apologize for heinous crimes as if that will make some difference to their victims. And so on until I could vomit.

Certainly there is a time and place for a sincere apology for certain acts. For instance, Petraeus and Broadwell may well owe some form of apology to their families or to others who were directly affected by whatever they did. However, whatever intimate relations they may have had with each other were not my business, did not involve me and, in a sane world, did not affect me one way or the other. So, how can I possibly be due an apology from either of them? I just don’t get it.

As for the celebrities, most of what they apologize for were criminal acts that would result in serious punishment if done by you or me. And, in most cases the obvious insincerity of the apologies make them more like insults.

Whether your average criminal’s apologies make any difference to the victims and their families, I simply do not know. I have no doubt that most of them are genuinely sorry but I suspect this sorrow is more from getting caught that from whatever illegal act they were caught at.

Then there is that repeated Obamanation world apology tour. Yes, we use a large percentage of the world’s energy resources. Yes, in the past we lived better than much of the world. We have also expended endless blood and treasure fighting on behalf of others and are almost always first on the scene with assistance when tragedy strikes other nations. We are what we are and most of us are proud of it. If the Obamanation is not, he should move to one of those third world crap pots he seems so enamored of. Or at least quit insulting the people who have bestowed the highest position in the world upon him (for reasons that escape me).

I feel so much better having said all this. If, in the process of venting, I have managed to offend any of you, rest assured that I offer you no apology whatever.

Thank you.

Troy L Robinson

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