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Hey, Troy! I just had occasion to reread the 5-year-old post here, entitled: “Fairies, Witches, Fords, and Chevys .” In the amusing comment section, you mentioned you had just finished writing an interesting book, which was only awaiting final editing before publication. I never received the promised copy of it. Whatever happened to it?  ◄Dave►

2 Responses to “Where’s the Book?”

  • Troy says:

    Sadly, All I accomplished is to prove that I am incapable of writing an interesting book.


  • Chris says:

    I would find myself in the same boat Troy. Although I have a lot to say I also have the propensity to reduce things to direct points. Short and sweet. That makes for bad copy when trying to fill a volume. My book would end up as a bullet pointed pamphlet. Hardly worth the cover price. 🙂

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