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Five Years Ago:

Color me impressed. This is the Left’s “racist monster?” Who could watch this and believe that? One thing he damn sure isn’t is a sexist! He is the guy who made Sarah Palin’s film, praises the women leading the T-Party, and his daughter is a West Point graduate.

It is certainly clear to me that the fact he ended up as CEO of Breitbart, is rather immaterial to why Trump hired him originally, and is keeping him as a close adviser. He gets the T-Party movement, Millennials, the Education crisis, Economics, and what ails middle-class America. Relax folks; once again Trump knows exactly what he is doing, and Patriots should be pleased that the likes of Steve Bannon has his ear. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    His words and demeanor don’t match the current rhetoric going on about him now. I was never actually worried about what his positions were but more about how his presence in the administration could handicap the administration. That and what he did to Andrews web site was short sighted at best. Of course anyone Trump appoints are going to be trashed. Personally I have no problem with any so far. If he does something bone headed like picking Romney for secretary of state over Bolton I may take pause. But then he was elected to make those decisions. We just gotta roll with it.

    One quick takeaway. Get used to saying madam secretary of the interior. I’m thinking Bannon is causing a stir. They will get over that. There’s another appointment coming that will cause cranial rupture on every side. We just may get the revenge on the BLM that’s deserved.

    • I don’t think Romney has a prayer of getting any job above Ambassador at State. Trump knows the backlash from his voters would be brutal. Yesterday’s visit was just a goodwill gesture to bury the hatchet.

      I am not even sure he could get away with giving it to Bolton, with his anti-establishment base, although I like him. I suspect the job is Rudy’s if he wants it. I was surprised he didn’t take AG; but perhaps it wasn’t high profile enough for his taste. Foreign policy is where the action is at.

      Yes, I look forward to the Palin nomination. I’ll be real disappointed if it doesn’t come through. So would the Bundy clan, et al. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        You know I wouldn’t have a problem with Romney being appointed to something he were well qualified for. Treasury secretary comes to mind. He could do a decent job there. I do think he’s an honest man as politicians go. Plus Bannon could watch over his shoulder which I think is Bannons job across the board anyway. It’s a “wonky” post that’s pretty low profile and pretty thankless but where he could be well suited. He lost in 2012 a lot due to him not being the high profile dynamic type. LOL he couldn’t stir up a pot of chili.

  • Chris says:

    BTW I find it quite nice that he addresses the one concern that Trump hasn’t weighed in on. I expressed it in another comment somewhere. The over all tax, spending, and unholly alliance with the banking system. Without the federal reserve they couldn’t “borrow” the massive numbers that they do. Until that’s fixed everything else is background noise. A monumental task.

  • The rhetoric about him hasn’t been based on anything but guilt by association, at least that I’ve seen. He’s also qualified in the extreme, and it’s more of a ceremonial position than one that comes with any real power or responsibility. None of that, or this video, is going to change the minds of the left, though it might bring some moderates around. The left is still wallowing deeply in despair and fantasizing about moving to Canada and creating a multicultural paradise, just like Denmark.

    I like to hear him on the right side of economics issues.

  • Personally I love the havoc Trump has caused on the political play ground. We (American Citizens) for far too long have been governed by the corrupt … but worse FOOLS who most likely could not make it in a real job market. If they were in real business of their own no doubt they would be in stripes behind bars somewhere.

    It is time the American public get off their dead asses and take their states back. Ceding power to the government because they are either to lazy or dumb to realize the power they are suppose to have is mind boggling.

    • Why stop at the States? Look at the Red/Blue maps by County. Why let the ghetto dwellers in those Blue islands have any say whatever in how those in the heartland choose to govern themselves? Then, why not just do away with the Counties, and organize on the principle of Individual Sovereignty? As I keep saying, there is hardly a societal problem in America, which wouldn’t virtually evaporate, if we simply abolished government. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • LOL … You know as well as I do the sheeple need to be governed by someone.

        Exactly how many that you know are capable to making it on their own? I know a handful only. So that is not going to happen EVER! No matter how great it would be.

        I am simply happy with birds of a feather. 😉

  • Chris says:

    Ok so the subject of this post is a Trump cabinet appointment. Can I expand out to express being baffled about a couple other appointments? Nikki Haley as ambassador to the UN? Where the heck did that come from? Her private field is as an accountant. I have nothing against Gov. Haley but she’s the best for that position? Then there’s Ben Carson. Head of HUD? Don’t we have a VA medical system falling apart or a Health and Human Services Dept. in deep trouble with Obamacare? Being a real estate developer Trump doesn’t know somebody other than a brain surgeon for that job? I hope all his appointments excel and serve him well, but man they make me scratch my head. Maybe that’s what they are supposed to do.

  • Nickey Haley is the only one on that list that seems to actually be a done deal. Trump seems like he’s been trolling a few of the people who pissed him off during the campaign or have loose lips. I keep seeing big name people or major media outlets claiming someone has secured a cabinet position only to have it not be true. He’s already gotten Cruz with this a couple times. I suspect he may be doing the same to Romney. He seems to be trying to get Romney to publicly apologize before he decides. Giuliani semms like an idiot to me. I hope he isn’t picked. I’m hoping for General McChrystal.

    Haley strikes me as a diversity pick, a way to placate the RNC and give them some skin in the game, and to refute the image projected to the world of Trump being a bigot. This may seem out of character for Trump, but he is going to need to play a lot of factions against each other to get anything done. I’m not sure he thinks of Ambassador to the UN as especially critical. I assume she’s competent enough, and it strikes me as a job where you do what you’re told and expect to have a short career.

    • Chris says:

      One thing they all have to be wary of is Donald himself. Most of his appointments have nothing to lose. Sessions and Haley will be giving up a governorship and a senate seat. Haley at least came out pretty strong against Trump in the primary. That chance of hearing his patent phrase “your fired” in three months is always there. That’s why the only appointment you would see Cruz take from Trump would be to the SCOTUS. A lifetime appointment. I couldn’t guess what a meeting with Cruz could have been about but when the president elect asks to see you, you go.

      One other thought comes to mind. If you have ever watched his reality show he’s all about keeping people out of their comfort zone. It forces people to collaborate and work together. If Carson is head of HUD it still doesn’t stop Trump from asking him a question about the VA or Carson can always look to Haley for economic advise about urban renewal. No matter what’s going on it’s interesting to watch.

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