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One just couldn’t make this political season up. I have no idea who this guy is; but he has a real scoop! First, he makes the obvious observation that a real KKK leader, would be rather unlikely to consent to an interview with a black reporter:

Don’t give up before the 8:10 mark, where he shows the video of an actor, claiming to be a concerned Republican, making a Hillary Clinton ad against Trump, who frightens him. This is then followed by the very same actor as a young man, claiming to be a concerned Republican, making a Lyndon Johnson ad against Goldwater, who frightens him.

He was, and is, actually a fairly convincing actor; but it is astonishing that he just modified his script a bit, because much of it is word for word. Lie, rinse, repeat! Since Hillary was a “Goldwater Girl” at the time, while her “mentor” Senator Robert KKK Byrd was filibustering the 1964 Civil Rights Act, I wonder what she thought of his earlier acting job? 😀  ◄Dave►

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