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This is a pretty good analysis and timeline so far:

I have personally delved rather deeply into the available data on this issue. Stefan has covered it rather well, and logically, without getting into the weeds. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    I applaud the obviously unbiased and objective analysis. (/sarc) Good grief and good luck getting people to feel sorry for poor poor Donald. He’s so misunderstood. And that’s as far as your gonna drag me out on this one.

    • Yeah, I figured you weren’t much interested in this topic, which is why I have not bothered to blog about my research into it the past few days. 😀

      As obviously biased as he appears, Stefan did a fair job of pulling a lot of it together, and left out a whole lot of uninformed speculation that is out there. I have been following him for a couple of years now, mostly on podcasts while exercising, and have found his frequent “truth about…” pieces, to be generally concerned with chronicling researchable facts behind controversial topics. On his website, he always include source links to his data.

      That said, one need not feel sorry for Trump, support him, or even like him, to be thoroughly turned off by Ted Cruz. Those of us who have had it with the Incumbrepublocrats, are cheering him on, whatever we might think of his flawed persona. I don’t often see Trump supporters defending his character; they are just ignoring it, while enjoying the discomfort he brings to the GOPe. Unlike those easily taken in by the pious shtick of Cruz, we are not looking for a paragon of virtue, to bring honor to the office of POTUS; or get on his knees every morning, to receive his daily instructions from his Lord, on how to hasten the rapture. I may have failed to mention that Molyneux is a rational atheist… 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    Had some thoughts this morning. I’m actually going back to my early pre primary held position. Disregarding whether any particular scandal is true or false because it won’t matter.

  • Chris says:

    Given news coming out today it may be time to trip the switch. Not saying for sure but don’t be surprised if in three weeks the news is all about “what happened to Trump?” Act two. The curtain comes up on a whole new plot. The script predicted it yet the audience is stunned.

    • We may know as early as Tuesday. If he doesn’t win Wisconsin, he probably will not cinch the nomination before the Convention. If he does not win on the first ballot, there is no way in hell that the GOPe will ever allow him to win a subsequent one. Of course, they won’t allow Cruz to either. That will blow-up the whole thing, and Cleveland ’16 will probably make Chicago ’68 seem almost uneventful. 😉

      In any case, if Hillary isn’t indicted, and we aren’t already in a new Civil War by then, get used to saying President Clinton again. There is just no way that the GOP convention ends with an enthusiastic grass roots united behind their nominee, whoever it is. Legions of them will just stay home or go fishing on Election Day. The Democrats are far more disciplined at GOTV, and will win in an embarrassing landslide. â—„Daveâ–º

  • I subscribed to Molyneux’s Youtube channel after you mentioned him.

    Apparently SEX SELLS still 😉
    I wrote my piece about “Cruzin Cruz” on the 27th and that day and the next had 13,867 views. That is an 11,000 jump over the average 3,000 a day.

    I see Molyneux published his piece on the 27th also and so far has 111,815 views.

    We are not going to end up with a fractured Republican party we will end up with it blown to smithereens.

    The Republican establishment is so out of control they don’t know what to do next … I love it! … ROFL

  • Troy Robinson says:

    Poor America.

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