PostHeaderIcon Is It Possible To Be Too Obvious?

Little is being noted in the MSM over something I find too obvious to ignore. That is the fact that Chelsea Clinton is the “spitting image” of her daddy Webb Hubbell.

Makes one wonder if Bill and Hill ever had an actual physical relationship. It has been clear for years that they have a political and financial partnership rather than a marriage in the true sense of the word, but, could it be this extreme?

And what of poor Chelsea? Does the child have no feelings whatever? Do her parents (real and pretended) have any compassion whatever for the child? I cannot imagine the strain she must have been under for all these years, growing up in the public spotlight with parents (real and pretended) who make little or no attempt to hide their manifold crimes and misdeeds.

On the other hand, this obvious situation (Hubbell being Chelsea’s dad) and the probability of a fling with Vince Foster would indicate that, if Hillary is indeed lesbian, she can swing both ways.

What a sorry mess of a “family”. Before any of you ask, NO, this is NOT typical of Arkansans. Nor do they reach the standards we SHOULD have for political leaders.

Troy L Robinson

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