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Here is a change of subject from politics. For those who thought I might have been joking about it being time to get my tomato plants in the ground the other day, here is a picture I took yesterday. The fresh strawberry stand beside this field has a sign saying it won’t open until March, but look closely at the already ripening berries in the foreground. 🙂



I thought about adding the Beatles song playing in the background; but after Chris’ complement about my clean low-bandwidth site, I didn’t want to disappoint him.  🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

3 Responses to “Strawberry Fields Forever”

  • Chris says:

    Not to worry. I’m not really a big Beatles fan anyway. Believe it or not John Lennon’s politics ticked me off even back then and I was just a youngster.

    Yea well some day I’m going to get out of this frozen hell hole of NY. Actually up until now it has been a remarkably mild winter here. No snow and very warm. (as upstate NY goes) Just today and this weekend we are rolling in some below zero weather but that’s even going to last only a couple days then back up into the low 40’s.

    I love strawberries. Thank god they grow early in Cali.

  • Jeannine Daigneault says:

    Not to be outdone, here are some daffodils in our backyard. Have a few more around too!

    Hmmm, can’t post my picture???

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