PostHeaderIcon Europe’s Betrayal of Women

Pat Condell is on the mark as usual; but pay close attention starting at about 1:30, when he equates current Muslim barbarism with that of Europeans 500 years ago:

… I found that insight profound. Then, I’m afraid his conclusion is inescapable.  See also: “Dark Ages II“… â—„Daveâ–º



9 Responses to “Europe’s Betrayal of Women”

  • Chris says:

    He’s usually on the mark. At some time in the near future I see this actually dissolving the EU. Their open borders can’t continue. As long as one country accepts these animals they all do.

  • Troy Robinson says:

    As usual, Pat is dead on. I fear that Chris is as well (RE collapse of the EU)

    Can anyone doubt that WW III is soon to begin. There seems to be only one constant in human history and that is our refusal to learn from it.


  • Troy Robinson says:

    OK, super Dave — did you sent a note to Condell asking WTF he meant by Europe? Or do you just pick on old, disturbed people??


    • I reckon he is old enough, just not disturbed enough to pick on. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      I’ve been hanging around here waiting for some codgers to become “old and disturbed” so I can pick on them. Sadly I think I’m winning the race to get there.

      I can see thinking of the cold war as a WWIII. It was just fought through countless proxy wars. In fact it seems it never actually ended. It just took a break for a while during and after Reagan. Started back up in Bosnia for Clinton. If you think Syria isn’t a proxy war your missing a lot.

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