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In the “I Stand With Joe” post, Chris posted a link to a video by new conservative heart-throb, Tomi Lahren. No, you would have to be a lot younger, you old letch; she is only 23. You would also need to be a lot tougher; rumor has it that her boyfriend is a Navy Seal. If you read “Lone Survivor“, you will understand that he earned her; we didn’t. 🙂

Besides were she available and attracted to geezers, you would be way too late, Chris. I saw her first back in July, when she recorded this one after the Chattanooga terrorist attack:



So, Glenn Beck managed to outbid Roger Ailes for her! I assumed that Ailes already had her contract typed up and waiting for her gig on OAN to end. 🙂

BTW: I just subscribed to her YouTube channel, so expect to see more of her hereabouts. It looks like I have a lot of pleasant catching up to do. Thanks for the reminder, Chris. 🙂 ◄Dave►

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