PostHeaderIcon Does Chelsea Have a Sister?

Oh, oh…




It seems a State court judge in Arkansas believes this young lady has enough evidence for a paternity suit, which will begin next Thursday! Poor Shrillary just can’t catch a break these days. 🙂  ◄Dave►

3 Responses to “Does Chelsea Have a Sister?”

  • Chris says:

    Seems the powers that be just aren’t on her side these days. Some would call it the hand of God, some would call it karma. I call it what goes around comes around but ya gotta wonder just who did she piss off. The second thing I wonder is who is going to replace her? It’s a thin bench of messiahs in the commie camp. Quick somebody press uncle Joe’s suit. We need another placeholder.

  • Troy says:

    Well… the kid certainly is not Hillary’s for she is far too good looking.

    BTW, the progressives want the famous Indian chief Elizabeth Warren to run so I doubt losing Hillary would upset them all that much.


  • Chris says:

    Well I wouldn’t expect her to look like Hillary, but she could sure pass as slick Willies.

    Of course they want Warren. I have said it on other forums. She’s white Obama in a dress. from the use of affirmative action to Harvard law to being a junior senator from a liberal state and much more. Absolutely no real world qualifications for the job. She’s perfect.

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