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It seems like half of the PC arguments these days are over what we should or should not say in regards to uncivilized violence by angry young men screaming “Allahu Akbar.” Whether the Jihadi interpretation of the holy writs of their Islamic religion is correct or not, seems rather immaterial to me. They proudly claim they are acting as righteous martyrs on behalf of their god, as directed by their revered prophet Mohammed. Having done a bit of study of the Qur’an and Hadith, I am inclined to accept that they fervently believe that.

I have encountered countless Christians who believe their Holy Bible is the unerring literal word of their God. That modern enlightened Christians can accept that Earth is exceedingly more than ~6,000-years-old, and that “Creation” didn’t quite go down precisely as written, doesn’t change the fact that untold millions still think the fable is unassailable history. Which of the two camps would have the better claim of authority to proclaim the other is ‘misinterpreting’ Genesis? Now, ask the same of the Muslim Jihadis vs. the so-called ‘Islam is the Religion of Peace’ moderates.

CAIR has just condemned as “Hate Rhetoric” an American politician referring to ISIS as “Islamic Savages” on Twitter, and is demanding an apology. What exactly are we supposed to call barbarians shouting “Allahu Akbar” while decapitating a bound non-combatant prisoner, or immolating alive a helplessly caged POW? How about these rather militant Muslims, who prefer shooting their bound civilian captives:


…are they just misinformed about their glorious religion of peace? How unfortunate for the Infidels they encounter. Savage is too kind a word for these barbarous Islamic marauders. It is often preceded by ‘noble,’ as in ‘noble savage,’ and however they delude themselves, or are cheered on by their coreligionists, there is nothing in the slightest noble about these despicable miscreants.

The term ‘Hate Speech’ has always been curious to me. I think of ‘hate’ as more or less the opposite of ‘love,’ yet intertwined by a close connection of some sort. Generally, one can only conjure the emotion of hate for someone one first loved, or at least knew and cared for in some way. If someone says, “I hate you!” it can only hurt if one somehow values their opinion, and wished otherwise. One can easily be prejudiced against a group or individual, with or without just cause, without hating them. It is perfectly reasonable and rational, to ‘profile’ others and decide one is entirely indifferent to what they may think, and conclude that one has no interest in interacting with them in any way, for whatever reason.

Those considering this view bigoted, are precisely those PC busybodies who rant against ‘Hate Speech.’ I am as indifferent to their condemnation as I am to the outspoken defenders of Islam. Why should I care what they think, when they are so incompetent at it? I could care less what Muslims do to each other in their Middle East sandbox, and frankly I am weary of expending American blood and treasure trying to ‘save’ them from their irrational sectarian squabbles. We should ship them all the guns and ammunition they want, and get out of their way so they can efficiently kill each other, while we are busy turning shale into oil, fracking, building pipelines, and drilling in ANWAR.

I have no reason to hate them; but I damn sure despise Jihadists and their primitive religion. As a Natural Born American, it is my unalienable right to say so, PC be damned. Meanwhile, those Muslims wishing to immigrate here need to understand that we have our own culture, which we like just fine, and a constitutional secular government that is, and forever will be, alien to Sharia law. We don’t intend to change either to accommodate your religious preferences. Assimilate or go find a better country. This one is taken. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    When living in a box where words have meaning it’s difficult to understand how Islam could be called a “religion of peace”. We assume that the word peace means the same to all. You and I would assume it would mean living side by side and at the very least doing no harm if not in harmony by ignoring your neighbor for any differences. That would be peace. But lets assume your next door neighbor were infected with say Ebola or some other contagious disease. One that any sort of contact with that person would risk you contracting that disease. You would have to do something about it. Most would simply avoid that person as best they could. Some would try and cure the person. Some would move next door to someone without disease. Some would rid themselves of the disease by eliminating the source. In any case until something was done you would have no peace.

    When a culture teaches that someone who believes differently is inferior and that their beliefs can be spread like a disease and contaminate the world in that persons mind there is no peace in the world until that threat is either eliminated or contained. Only when that is done can there be peace. That is how Islam strives for peace. It’s peace for them and they are taught from a young age that they are who matters because they are on the side of Allah.

    That said I am inclined to believe that most Muslims do want “peace” in the sense that we would understand it. Most would choose to eliminate the threat of disease through acceptable means. By avoidance, or cure. Sadly it’s my opinion that “radical Islamist terrorism” is nothing more than governments figuring out a new way to wage “proxy wars”. They all figured out how to fight without risking their own power. How does ISIS get the kinds of weapons they have? Somebody gave them to them and when they have them somebody has to give their opponents the weapons to fight them. Iraq for example will in the end be saved from the scourge of ISIS by Iran. Their influence there will grow exponentially and Russias along with it as ours is diminished to nothing. There is a grand plan being played out by those of little scruples or regard for human life. It’s more than Islam. You need look no further than our own Whitehouse to figure that out.

  • Troy says:

    Well said.


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