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That was just too funny not to share. 😉 ◄Dave►



2 Responses to “Buyer’s Remorse”

  • Troy says:

    The video was well done. However, I reject the ending with its inference that the GOP (Gutless Other Party) will do any better. It has not been that long since the GOP held both houses of Congress and the White House. What did we get then? A new Medicare option that will hasten its bankruptcy by years, two useless wars and a Patriot Act that was an act of treason against the Constitution.

    While Obama has certainly accelerated things, for the most part, his regime is just a continuum on a line that has, with minor blips such as the Reagan years, advanced steadily toward total government which can only culminate in some form of Marxist dictatorship, regardless of the duopoly in charge when the critical mass is reached.



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