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I have started this thread to handle any additional discussion of the possibility of electronic voting and/or of an electronic national ID card, now being discussed under:


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  • Troy says:

    To continue this conversation, I further propose that the electronic ID card that would be used with my electronic voting scheme could also serve as a kind of national ID card that could be used to speed one’s passage through airport security, border crossings, passport checks or any other valid point where being identified is reasonable and/or in our own interests.

    Said another way, I would replace most of today’s goons with an electronic device that is devoid of prejudice and lacks fists, tasers, guns and x-ray machines that can tell if your boobs are real. Well…. except for aliens who do not posses such a card and others whose ID has been “tagged” because of crime convictions.

    When you take a cruise these days, a much simpler version of the system I propose is used as a charge card aboard ship and also as an electronic ID required for re-boarding after a land excursion.


  • You might want to ponder this HBO special, before trusting such things to computer programmers, Troy. â—„Daveâ–º

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