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This morning, while roaming the Internet looking at news articles, I came across one where some folks in D.C. (Distribute Cash) were suggesting we save some money by ending foreign aid to China.


Surely I misunderstood. Sadly, I did not. Then a thought occurred to me. All around us we see such insanity in our government. The Congress starts up a new agency/bureaucracy in order to trade some pork for campaign contributions and/or votes, then off they go to the next pork-a-thon or pandering contest, forgetting all about the little monster they just created.

But, the little monster, having been given keys to the treasury vault, continues on, unsupervised, and such insanity as the U.S. giving “aid” to a country richer than we are, takes place.

Here is my idea: As these bits of insanity surface, we must demand that our government react, not by stopping a particular instance of insane spending, but, rather, by eliminating the entire program/agency/department responsible. Shut the whole thing down because, if they are guilty of one instance of insanity, they are (or soon will be) guilty of others.

Thus, WTP save, not the relatively few millions given to China, but the billions spent to operate the entire program/agency/department. This requires no special commission to spend months and millions, traveling about the country in luxury while generating a report nobody will take seriously. All it needs is for ordinary citizens to follow Berra’s principle that you can observe a lot by just watching.

If each TEA Party group would take it upon themselves to identify just one such outrage, then bring it to national attention along with generating the appropriate pressure on the Congress, WTP could drive down the trillions in deficit spending and, even better, start causing serious shrinkage to the monster our government has become.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

3 Responses to “Foreign Aid To China”

  • Careful now… don’t be rocking the boat and upsetting the Chinese. Put your thinking cap back on and realize a few million worthless dollars means nothing. We have the Chinese right where we want them. They have literally millions of workers diligently turning out the most marvelous gadgets and such for our amusement.

    They have a steady stream of ships disgorging all manner of consumer products in our ports, which we happily consume with abandon. Meanwhile all we can offer them in return, are piles of worthless little green colored unredeamable IOU’s, and THEY ARE ACCEPTING THEM!!! Shhhhhhhh……… let’s not mess up a good thing. 😉

    • Troy says:

      As I have noted before, I actually admire the Chinese and I do not begrudge them a few mil. It is the insanity behind it that I abhor.

      Despite the fear mongering, the Chinese have NO history of wanting to rule barbarians. They are merchants who are masters at trade. If they want Formosa back, I say let them have it, saving us billions in the process.

      • I am sure you realize I was being facetious. I was as scandalized as you, when I read your report of our foreign aid to China; but I guess I have become inured to such nonsense, and sometimes one just has to laugh out loud – to keep from crying in despair. â—„Daveâ–º

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