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I have observed the debate over the mosque at/near/ ground 0 with great amusement.

Let us begin by being absolutely clear what my own humble opinion is:

Some children of Islam, cheered on by most children of Islam, brought down a high-rise complex in September 2001, killing several thousand Americans in the process. No doubt a great victory for Islam, one that many in Islam seem to think was worthy of a trophy at/near the spot to commemorate the great event. Clearly, using this criteria, building this mosque at that particular place is an insult to all Americans, and, IMHO it is meant to be.

Then there is the fact that I, like most Libertarians, treasure private property rights for all. Clearly, using this criteria, building this mosque at that particular place is well within the rights of the property owner.

However, neither of these criteria amuse me. What does amuse me is watching a bunch of “adults” from all sides of the issue try to come to the point while avoiding the real point altogether.

This “real point”, as I see it, is that we were viciously attacked in direct accordance with a religious belief. To be more precise, we were attacked by Islam, per the documented beliefs of Islam. Yet, no person in any position of power in America dare even allow the possibility that religious belief could be the focal point for such hatred, despite the evidence that such has long been the case. This is true for Islam, it has been true for Christianity (and, to a lesser degree still is) it is true for Judaism and so on and so forth.

It seems to me that it is long past time for mankind to outgrown silly notions about divine guidance and start taking credit and responsibility for their own failures. Until that happens, please at least admit to yourselves that we are at war with Islam. Not with a few extremists but with everything that is Islam. Using this criteria, I now ask – during the Cold War, would we have let the USSR build a military HQ at/near ground 0?

Troy L Robinson

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  • Daedalus says:

    The USSR is a country, not a religion so the two cases are different. Now we did ban the Communist Party because it advocated the violent overthrow of the US Government. This did not stop the USSR from having an embassy/spy haven in our nations capital. So, since the organization Al Quaeda obviously resorts to violence to overthrow the US, I couldn’t see letting them build a mosque etc. near ground zero. I think, for once, Obama was right, the Government has no part in this, unless it can be proved that the organization doing the building advocates violence to overthrow the government. From what I have read there seems to be some lack of transparency on the funding source for the project, and apparently part of the property is still owned by a utility. I think building the mosque there shows an incredible lack of good judgment on the part of the proposers, but then what can one expect from religious fanatics.

    • The USSR was never a legitimate country, even though the world treated it as such. What it was was the physical implementation of a set of questionable ideas that it then imposed on a group of legitimate countries. One of the most questionable of its ideas was the notion that it was meant to dominate the world and one of its primary methods was infiltrating and corrupting the governments of legitimate countries, in addition to using the threat, or the reality, of physical force to keep them cowed. It also had few qualms about destroying its own people to help achieve an end.

      Pray tell me how Islam is so different from this??

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