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This is intriguing. Some clowns from a local radio station in Detroit (WFRI) called Kenya on a lark after Obama’s election, to congratulate them on becoming the 51st. State. They managed to have a long conversation with their ambassador to the U.S. The 20 min audio clip of it is available here, and I was somewhat surprised to learn that Kenya had established the following day as a National Holiday to allow their citizens to celebrate Obama’s election.

Then, 12 ½ minutes into it, one of the radio clowns jokingly asked if Kenya was going to errect a monument at Barak’s place of birth there. His Excellency didn’t take it as a joke at all, and said that an actual monument would be up to the government; but explained that it was already celebrated as a well known local landmark and remarked that Obama’ paternal grandmother was still alive.

I see no legal ramifications here; but the fact that the ambassador seems to unquestioningly believe – and openly discusses – that Obama was born in Kenya is curious, to say the least. They seem to be taking more celebatory pride in a native son’s accomplishments than Hawaii is… ◄Dave►

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