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In a report entitled, “Bamalot: Obama Drafts Star-Studded Short List for Cabinet,” we are treated to Obama’s vision of change:

President-elect Barack Obama has drafted a star-studded short list of cabinet candidates, with political heavyweights Caroline Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Colin Powell and John Kerry among the most notable names being eyed by his transition team…

The President-elect is strongly considering Robert F. Kennedy to be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency…

Oh, good grief… Have you ever heard this moonbat talk about environmental matters? The only worse candidate I could imagine for this post is Al Gore. We can now just forget about off-shore oil… of course, Obama only ever promised to “look at it.” Consider it looked at… and rejected…

If Obama chooses to oust Robert Gates as Defense Secretary, Gen. Colin Powell has been short-listed as a candidate…

What, an “Uncle Tom” RINO? Payback time, I suppose… and from what has been reported so far, his token “Black.” At least the Democrats would finally have a Black cabinet post higher than Surgeon General or Commerce Secretary.

Sen. John Kerry is considered the front-runner for the nation’s top diplomat.

Will nobody ever rid me of the sight of this traitorous miscreant’s visage on my TV? The French will be ecstatic… I suppose the Vietnamese will too.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was named as a potential candidate for Secretary of Energy in late October.

Another RINO? Ahhh… but with a Kennedy for a wife. Just how much does Obama think he owes Teddy? Then again, it would be best not to have anyone in this department who might disagree with his brother-in-law. [Sigh…] Elections have consequences… â—„Daveâ–º

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